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Experience about getting First order

Dear members,
Hope so you are all fine. This is my first post here. I am weak in english so you have to bear me with these broken grammar sentences.
I have been working on fiverr since March 2019.
In start i was so much busy in Job so couldn’t find time to work on fiverr and after 6 month i pushed my self to jump into this sea.
So with some guidance from fiverr forums i started to send buyer request after making wordpress gig.
And after a week i got a response and in this way i got my first job and successfully completed it with 5 star ratings.
After one and a half month i got another order on my gig that was second again 5 star.
That is my little experience and s little motivation for newbies like me.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:.


Great gig you have there. Congrats on your job well done. :slight_smile: I just started my profile last December but I was not really familiar yet using the platform.

I just joined the community because I thought it was just an optional page to join. But now that I read a lot, I can see the importance of this forum specially for newbies like us :slight_smile:

Good luck on both of us. I hope I can also sell my gigs.
Congrats again. :slight_smile:

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Yes sure
We sellers should be cooperative with each other to increase our sells and we will be.:smiley:
You will sell it too just be patience and try to send buyers requests daily.