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Experience Certificate

Hi Everyone

Just want to know whether we can get a job experience certificate from Fiverr?


There is nothing like that on Fiverr!!!

this is a freelance website not a full time job.

this is someones fulltime job ha ha ha ha…Certificate in Your Profile

Your buyers are your bosses and employers. The reviews are certificates, hm… I think reference letters or performance appraisals more appropriate.

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I won’t say that the buyers are our bosses and employers.

Imagine a small local advertising company that does marketing, branding, and design for a local grocery store. Is the grocery store owner boss of the people at the advertising agency? I don’t think so.

In the freelancing world you are the boss, consider your self as an owner of a small company, therefore you have neither boss nor employers. The buyers are the “Client” parts from the company’s stakeholders. You are a freelancer because you don’t like bosses, you don’t like office work and certainly, you want more freedom in your work.


Sure. Depends on how you define boss. I just mean someone who pay you.
Sometimes the employees are more bossy, in fact. :rofl:

Well, you should be able to defend your self. Protect your self. Don’t offer unlimited revisions, don’t undermine your self. :wink:

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Your profile is your certificate your portfolio and who you really are :slight_smile: . Like Stack Overflow if you are neon member of it or have good reputation in your expertise no body will ask much questions job granted and achieved successfully LOL :rofl:

Build a portfolio online using your work here with client permission.

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:smile: very interesting question, when you made gigs here fiverr justified you are suited for doing the job??

This is not possible here. Its not like adobe or quickbooks that you will get certificate

Nice try but I’m afraid not. You can go buy a certificate from some photoshopper on fiverr though that would be interesting…

A strong profile, is better than a certificate. It is a portrayal of both skill, and long experience, not forgetting great customer satisfaction… Just saying :slight_smile: