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I am happy to say that I have been receiving regular orders from the day I have been visiting the Fiber Forum regularly.

My Profile :rifatmia15 | T-Shirts & Merchandise, Flyer Design | Fiverr

Thanks All: Rifat Mia


It is against the Fiverr Forum Guidelines posting links to your gig in this category. You can use the pencil to change your post category to My Fiverr Gigs or you risk having it removed.

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source: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020

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So, @rifatmia15 broke the rules twice! :scream:

I am confused. I just looked at your profile. You joined the Fiverr Forum 3 months ago and have 8 reviews. Most sellers get 50 to 80% of their orders reviewed. So you possibly have had 12 to 16 orders. I would not consider that "regular’ orders. :thinking:

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To me this post is SPAM or Click Bait. I do not approve at all. I reported the OP for wrong category but I think the whole thread should be taken down because of his flagrant breaking of two Forum rules. :angry:

I see the post was greyed out. Thank you Mods!

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I joined three months ago but was not a regular on the forum. For the last 7 days, I have been getting regular and almost daily buyer knocks.

@vickiespencer @imagination7413 Thanks for the kind of information.

You still need to remove the short links.

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@vickiespencer Hope it’s okay now, thanks again.

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