Experience with buyers


I have been using fiverr over a year ago and i have very bad experience with buyers.
On wordpress gig about 4-5 buyers placed order and asked to do work . They provide me wrong login credentials and i asked them from correct credentials 2-3 times. Most of them asked me how much work you have done so far on our site so we will take a look and then provide correct login credentials.
Everyone knows without login credentials how can i do work on their site. As a result orders were cancelled and causing low buyer activity.

After that i created a gig of logo design and same case here with some buyers. If they need simple revision of color change then they leaved one or two star review and asked for modification.
Many of buyers cancelled orders because they want the work without money.

How can i manage these customers


The question should be: how do I avoid these customers.
You attract them with your pricing models. Stop doing that and you are fine.


how can i judge such customers?
what is mean by pricing models? Price is same for all


Don’t start with $5,-
Don’t use a location where you are not located at.
Be careful with claiming that you native or bilingual in English when you are apparently not.
This all are little things that attract customers you don’t want to deal with.

Du gibst weiterhin an das Dein Deutsch fließend ist. Bin gespannt ob Du tatsächlich in fließendem Deutsch antworten kannst. Wobei meine Bewertung auf Satzaufbau gerichtet ist und nicht auf die üblichen Tippfehler die hier und da schon mal passieren.


thanks for such a nice tip.