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Experience with gigs that have disparate categories


I’ve made my start on Fiverr within the Support & IT realm, things have been going well, but are starting to dry up a bit.

I highly enjoy writing and proofreading, would it look weird for me to have a gig about writing or proofreading amongst a bunch of Support & IT gigs?

Has anyone had experience with having gigs of different categories and have been successful with it?


The bigger question here is are you actually good at it. I’m not saying you’re not qualified, but the problem with writing gigs is that even a few simple typos might ruin your overall rating.
As long as it’s not just an activity to pass time and you’re really good at it, I’d say go for it.

It would be better if you can package it somehow. For example, focusing on technical topics only. That way your technical background would be a selling point.


Definitely definitely definitely don’t set up a proofreading gig - it will completely ruin things for you!!!

Why no, I am not trying to discourage more competition for a service I offer and no, I don’t successfully do exactly what you are asking :yum:


Haha with the sheer volume of proofreading gigs on Fiverr, I DOUBT I will ever surpass you in sales.

I decided to create an article SEO optimization gig. I pay for a service that helps me optimize articles that I write, and I thought, hey, why not use that to help other people as well? I have been doing website stuff on and off since I was very young.

I got sick of the gig I had that required remote support because I would always end up getting someone across the world in a totally opposite time zone. Not worth the hassle, so I’m trying to focus on work that I can do on my own.