Experienced Data Entry and Spreadsheet Expert


Who I am
My name is Marvin, an executive level assistant with over ten years of experience in the field of administration, typing, proof reading, sales and tech support.

What are my skills

  • Data Entry of any kind, including billing, archiving, compensation plans, etc
  • Data analysis
  • Spreadsheet manipulation including but not limited to Pivot tables, Vlookup, HLookup, If statements, mathematics, etc.
  • Word and Excel document cleanup including sorting, filtering, removing duplicate/invalid entries, formula repair, etc
  • Proof reading of documents in the English and Dutch language
  • Translation of English to Dutch and Dutch to English
  • Typing speed of 90 (Ninety) words per minute or higher.
  • Access database creation

Why choose me
I am:

  • Flexible with budgets, making the gig affordable
  • Eager to provide customized results, tailored to your needs and preferences
  • Ensure accuracy in work
  • Realistic when setting and meeting expectations
  • Focused, even when presented with deadlines
  • (For US buyers: US Based
  • For English <> Dutch translations: A native from the Netherlands located in the US

Look at my profile at www.fiverr.com/mjbish or visit the Gig at https://www.fiverr.com/users/mjbish/manage_gigs/creating-comprehensive-detailed-spreadsheets/edit

I am eager to work with you soon!