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Experienced Personal Stylist Here - Helping you be the GQ or JCREW style you seek!

"Learn how to weave,

That which is perceived.

To influence or change,

What people believe."

-Kevin D.

Perception is reality, especially when it comes to what people see. What perception do you give?

As a professional ex-haberdasher, I can help you determine what looks good.

I have been featured for my style in the media locally, and have worked in high end men’s fashion at Chicago’s Water Tower, the Men’s Wearhouse, and come from a family of well dressed individuals with a big city sense of style. My client database included attorneys, bankers, executives, and Fortune 500 professionals.

But that does not mean my style has to be yours. We can work together to determine what style suits (no pun intended) you best and even start that process by examining what you already have, share suggestions on how to achieve new looks with existing clothing, how to build your wardrobe by buying things that accentuate what you already own, where to shop, and how to build on your newly established style.

You may be thinking, Can I afford this? A better question is “Can you afford not to?” Especially if this a an area you are not strong in and your professional rep is suffering.