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Experienced Sellers, I am in desperate need of help

I am being victimized by a buyer. I have sent this buyer countless messages explaining how my Gig extra’s work. The buyer orders from me and always requests to have the “Extra’s” in her Gig . When i explain to her that it is an extra and how they work. She then pretends or gets confused until I give her the delivered Gig with the Extra’s inside

I have had enough I spent countless hours on this buyer delivering gigs which I should of received more from. Every time i deliver She requests at least 5-10 revision asking for other forms of approach within the gig(it’s a graphic design gig " different gigs" I need to have this woman blocked. She is causing so many problems and this is taking time that i can give the time to my loyal buyers . I am being a victim of gig extortion. This needs to stop. She is threatening to leave misleading feedback is I do not comply . she orders every week… but to the point (1) order is 10. I am trying to cancel a Gig but I am scared since I told her “Its enough” she got extremely upset and said the worst is yet to come in terms of (Reporting me to fiverr for whatever reason etc.)- She is telling me to remove her positive feedback she left and the portfolio images that i created. I ran into a real nightmare of a buyer. I just want to create good business and not be muscled in any way. (I have explained this to her about 20 times now. ) It is clear the approach she wants to take. I am in desperate need of help . I am cornered. I even gave her the last Gig for free with the Extra’s she requested along with a cancellation request, and this is what she writes : "I refuse to accept until fiver looks into this matter. I can go back and forth all night/day/week!"

My advice to sellers: If you give more then the standard as a gift for a first time buyer… and you notice they demand more, don’t continue. It’s only going to get worst.

I have contacted support, This is not the first time I contact support regarding this issue with this women. She just won’t leave me alone.

Reply to @vsanto18: This is really horrible experience. I feel you.

You HAVE to contact the support in such cases.

I’ve seen that support does help against such buyers. Eventually kicking them out of here.

I have been in similar situations twice before and the support backed me.

This is so true. some buyers even make other orders within a single order and this is frustrating. I think it is best to stop working for him/her.

And here I see people complaining that they cannot get anything for $5 =))

Why don’t you just stop working for her ?

Support will look into the matter and hopefully save you.

As long as you have the saved messages in your inbox to prove what you said then for sure the support will help you. Hope everything will be okay.

Thanks @Kay2809 . I tried, I try to refuse her and explain to her if she does not order the gig extra I will not be able to provide anything else rather then the standard gig.

Then i get threaten until i deliver. I hope support look’s into this quickly.

I am being harassed. verbally and mentality . :

this gig blackmail

Reply to @vsanto18: What I meant was to stop working for her altogether. You may lose a client but your peace is more important here.

We can’t say that even after ordering extra, she will stop doing the same by means of modification or similar ways.

Reply to @scja16: I sure do hope so. It isn’t fair. I’ve been awake since 4am trying to calm down this buyer. I really need support to check this buyer out.

Reply to @kay2809: I am trying to. I have explained to her I do not want to take part in working with her. She will order regardless and complain and complain until I deliver what she wants. When i request to cancel she refuses and attacks. I will keep an update on this situation .

Reply to @inspiredtony:

Yes it is. It’s Gig extortion and harassment

Hi @vsanto18,

I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I agree with what the others have said. You MUST contact Customer Support right away so that they can help you and you can get your life back on track. You have done nothing wrong, and that is crystal-clear to anyone.

And I notice that you’re a Level 2 Seller - this mean that you will get priority customer support, meaning that your response should be seen quickly. Make sure to document your message to them with screenshots showing your discussions with the Buyer.

This buyer is being abusive and malicious. I have no doubt that Fiverr will stand up for you, but you have to reach out to them first.

If you ever need someone to vent to or ask advice from, feel free to shoot me a message!



I had a situation that didn’t go this far but was headed there…I finally contacted support and sweet talked the buyer to just close the current order. The moment I could I suspended the gig, contined working on other active orders but prevented any new orders. Support agreed that the buyer was a problem and told me that if she ordered again after the gig was back up to offer her an immediate mutual cancellation.

I kept the gig paused for 3 days and she sent messages to my inbox but she got bored when I reported and ignored them. I never heard from her again when I put the gig back. You could try a temporary pause like that if you have to.