Experienced sellers, please save me from disaster


I am very new here. I got a custom order today. and when we agreed on the deal, my buyer used a word “save” and I used a word “import”. then she thought, import and save is the same thing and agreed on our deal. but when I delivered my sample via inbox, from her reaction, I figured this is not the work she wanted. but If are redo my work and do as her specification, then it will take more time and effort. and though I’m new, I don’t want a bad review. ho do I cancel the order? or can I cancel? :frowning::frowning::frowning:


Try your best to make the changes she needs if its something you can do, as it was a miscommunication and not intentional mistake, ask her for a little extra time, you can send a request through the resolve now section.


thank you! and If I want to cancel, then what will I loose and how to cancel the order?


Talk to the buyer first. Explain the situation and give them a possible solution. This could be asking for more time or money or something else. It is very frustrating for buyers if sellers just cancel without giving any options. A reasonable buyer will understand and probably accept paying a little more.
I would also include an offer to cancel if they are not happy with the other solutions you offer.


I sent her approximate 300 words description with all details, but she doesn’t reply yet. :sweat:


Most buyers are not online as much as sellers. She will get an email and then respond I am sure.
Just be patient.


I hope so.being a new seller, I’m afraid of getting bad reviews and it’s panicking me :’(


Yes you can cancel by using the resolution button on the order page in the upper right of that page. I think you probably should.


First try your best to make a way and do her work as she want it. Talk to her and see if things can be resolved. If its not possible, then go to resolution centre for cancellation.


If your fear is a bad review, just cancel it. There is no guarantee that if you do a better job now after the mistake, she will give you a good review. She may give you a one star on communication if you claim miscommunication. Still not a good review at all.


if you plan for mutual cancellation, you should aware that your gig will be placed down further in the listing.

deleting your gig and create a new gig would be a good thing to do, unless you already had some reviews.

but if I were you, I will ask for delivery time extension and proceed to work on that order, without asking for extra charge.

for first seller, gaining reputation is crucial than gaining big profit.

after you got some nice reviews, you could start to update your rates.

I did that way, and the result was great.

I just started my business on fiverr, but my average deal price is $22, even i’m a level one seller.

oh, honesty is also the key. if you could not do it, say it.


To everyone who thinks that those in the OPs situation should cancel:
This attitude is why I understand Fiverr having to introduce a “private review” section for cancellations and after sale completion.
People abusing the cancellation system, not trying to look after the buyers but simply acting in a way which is selfish, short sighted, unprofessional and basically stupid means that Fiverr has to bring in measures to deal with selfish, short sighted, unprofessional and basically stupid sellers.

Yet some sellers have the audacity to complain that this is unfair - it’s not, it is the consequence of cancellations and unprofessionalism being normalised and I believe the more Fiverr clamps down on these sellers the better. I am not talking about people who cancel for genuine reasons, I mean the issue for this seller is a simple misunderstanding and there are suggestions to cancel before trying anything else. Come on, sellers need to be better than that.


Thank you for your valuable suggestions.
But I’m in no position to do something for the buyer.
How can I do something better? according to my service, I need to communicate and get remote access if needed but I texted the buyer describing all the problems, and 10 hours already passed, but no reply from the buyer. Now it’s almost the end time to deliver the order.
I know I can do my job perfectly but buyer needs to cooperate with me. If he/she is offline to the very end, there is noting I can do. I’m sorry!


I would deliver what you can and send a note with it that if it is not ok then your buyer can use the resolution button and you will improve and correct it.


follow eoinfinnegan advice…


I agree with MissCrystal, do what you can and explain the problem you had to the buyer. Be clear that she can request a modification and supply you with the information you need to complete the task.


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