Experiences with "available now"? [and a bit of ramble]


I’ve seen the posts where users complain about the limitations of the feature. I’m more curious to hear if many of you have used it and experienced a dramatic increase in messages from buyers?

Lately, I’ve been staying fairly continuously busy on and off Fiverr. Which is great! But I am interested to try this out when I don’t already have gigs lined up.

[off topic ramble]
I can see that this is quickly going to demand some better time management skills on my end. I feel like I’m at the computer and working as often as I’m able to, but it doesn’t seem to be quite enough for the long term.

In other news, I raised some of my rates today :smiley: I have raised my rate from $10 for 2 hours of work, to $15. In some ways, it seems like an insignificant increase, it also makes me a bit nervous about and I’m wondering if its too soon. I know I’m worth it though. I look forward to all of the small gradual rate increases as time goes on.

For real though, did you get slammed with messages after turning on “available now” or nah?