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Experiences With Shady Buyers. Am I responding right?

In the last few weeks, I have canceled two orders that are worth over $90 in total.

I did that because the buyers were really odd and were spamming me with messages every second. Their English was really bad, they overused the words “Sir”, “Dear”, “My Love”. Allegedly they were based in the US. Also, they requested photos similar to “UBER”, “CocaCola” but hated the use of stock photos. Also, their names are Anglo-Saxon, they are all based in the US, and their profiles are relatively new.

In general, they ask me to create 100% unique stock photos by myself, ones that would look stunning and unique and “very exciting” and that would appeal with all genders, all races, but only two people to be used…

This was the case with both of them, they order, right after ordering they message me both in my inbox and on the order page that they have ordered and asked when I was supposed to deliver. I told them in 2-3 days. The very next day the contact me again asking for an update. I say that it would take from 2-3 days, and they just keep spamming with a lot of stuff.

From my experience, those kinds of buyers always ask for refunds, so now instead of working on those orders, I initiate refund right away. Am I doing it right?

What’s your opinion on this?

Oh, and did I mentioned. One of them used photo of a celebrity and the other one had a profile photo of Jesus.


good idea! happened the same with me!


Also, his company address was based on a fake address. :wink:


Now that’s a first one I haven’t seen before - and I hope I’ll never see it in my Inbox :astonished:

I also noticed that this kind of buyers have a higher chance of asking for refunds or Lots of modification requests…

Though I think Fiverr would say you should be patient with your buyer, respond to all their requests, and not cancel for ‘invalid’ reasons as they call them, like getting flooded with rush messages :slight_smile: And if anything goes wrong, you can ask them for help knowing that you have an order page filled with spam, and they might do something about it, or not :stuck_out_tongue:

However, if I see a buyer spamming me with messages like “how much longer?”, “why is it not ready yet?”, etc., I would ask them if they want to purchase the ExtraFast $X addon/option for a rushed delivery to give them top priority. And also mention that when they purchased your service, they saw your delivery duration publicly listed on your gig, and they agreed to it the moment they hit “purchase” :wink:

I did that a few times, and the buyers changed their minds in a heartbeat and were like “don’t worry, I’ll wait” :smile:


That’s interesting.

I just did a research for the buyer, he isn’t based in the US, but in East Asia, the address of his start-up was belonging to a famous company in North Dakota, not the one of his company. There were multiple websites for his app (all with different logos), all bad work. His English sucked. Also, his name wasn’t Anthony as he stated but it was Rajeng. I am pretty skeptical for orders like that.

Plus, in every message, he was saying “Love your work sir afsome banners. I want wow my page one”. He kept sending me examples that are full custom ones. Ones that you should hire photographers, photo editors, illustrators and such. Ones that cost over $1000 to be created.

He was spamming me and even though I haven’t started working he was spamming me and asking for a lot of extras. It’s the same template that other buyers based in his country used and at the end, they ask for refunds.

They purchase the best packages, all extras and in case if you deliver something they ask for millions of changes. After it’s all done, they would request sending all designs. When everything is sent they request a refund. I know that template it’s always the same one. I don’t know, I’ve become so protective when dealing with that kind of buyers.

That always works with buyers that aren’t fake.

I don’t know, every month I get two orders like that and I cancel them prior working on them.


I guess you’re right about this…

You sound just like me :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, when everything looks :fish: and doesn’t feel right, you should be able to just request a cancellation and find some valid reason to mention so that you get the refund accepted. I have built a lot of alarms, bells and whistles when I ‘study’ a new buyer, and I don’t take risks like that when everything points to the dark side :wink:

P.S. here’s a valid reason: I, myself, cannot work with buyers where there’s a clear communication barrier due to them not understanding or speaking English properly. In order to provide a service accordingly, I need the buyer to properly understand what I do and say, and I have to also understand their requirements and what they say. If any of these fail, I can’t deliver a good job, so there’s no point in even trying :wink:


Usually, I say that, but in most cases when I don’t have an excuse I tell them “This is a large project, and large projects require consultation before ordering. The reason why I am canceling this order is that I do not create pages for…” :slight_smile:

The buyer accepted the cancellation and asked:
“Sir, do you need more money or time. Answer me please.”

This was my response.

It was hard. I canceled the order because I wasn’t able to understand all of your request and messages. The order seemed a bit more complicated for me. I hope that you don’t mind. There are a lot of talented people here on fiverr that would be willing to help you out.


Nice, friendly, formal & professional - I like!

Oh gosh, imagine if you asked for more time - that would’ve prolonged the days of spam :smiley:

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I had a repeat buyer who was also a seller. She asked me for an order and its duration was 3 days. She kept on asking when will it be ready and I told about the delivery deadline and asked to order gig extra if she wanted to rush the project. She declined… and eventually lost her cool on the second day. She was like: YOU HAVE TO SEND ME SAMPLES. TWO DAYS HAVE PASSED AND YOU HAVE NOT SENT SAMPLES. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WAIT ONE MORE DAY FOR THEM. Mind you, she was a repeat buyer and knew my working pattern.

I cancelled the order hurriedly. Both of us got a sigh of relief. :smiley: The reason I am mentioning this is because…

genuine buyers might spam too. :stuck_out_tongue:


And that is one fact that I’m sick worried of! :frowning:

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It happens rarely, but in most cases genuine buyers understand. :slight_smile:


Huh? Why would a genuine/real buyer have a need to spam? I want a project, I ask.

You ask for the requirement, I answer; you accept, I order.

You tell me to go “jump in the lake, take a long stroll in a dark forest, or go away or whatever else.” I go away and never bother you again.

No spam. I’ve heard seller write on this forum, “A buyer came back to me and begged me to take his project.” I would consider that spam, after all, the seller did say “get lost.” The buyer should get lost.

I don’t believe in forcing or begging.


So why fiverr is not coming up with solutions for such kind of spams ??
This kind of concerns really hampers other on going projects of the seller. Complete mental distraction. :slightly_frowning_face:


But I assume you dont message every hour to ask for the progress of your delivery. :joy:


Absolutely. We should be wise enough not to waste our time, patient enough not to settle, and strong enough not to force it. Whatever is meant to be will be.


Today, a buyer ordered one of my gigs while I was sleeping. After three hours he initiated a refund as it was taking me so long to deliver. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I guess okay?


I’d dispute that one completely! The minimum delivery time is 24 hours for any gig and he wants a refund after only 3 hours?

Possibly a new buyer who needs educating, or a troublesome one who needs reporting to CS.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


He purchased the basic gig, which has 6-day delivery time. Nope, the guy was “Top Rated Buyer”. Maybe he found a gig that had a faster turnaround for social media covers and wanted to cancel. :slight_smile:

Anyways, yep I should report that guy.


I’ve heard being TRB doesn’t mean much as it is really easy to obtain. If 5r wants to quantify a buyer, they should have a tier system like they do for sellers. Low cancellation rate, refund, leave xx% reviews, but xx gigs on a quarterly/yearly basis, etc.


I’ve had quite a few 100% legit buyers who were just overly-excited about the project and kept asking for an ETA.

After I presented them with a completely reasonable and justified ETA, they thanked me. And sure enough, later that same day, or first thing the very next, they sent me a “playful” message, like “how are we looking?” and a bunch of emoji after that.

So I never cross check but I usually assume they are just too young or too stoked or whatever and just try to force an earlier than projected delivery, or they feel like they are in control or contributing to a better delivery.

Dunno. Point is, it happens. :slight_smile: