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Experiencing delays in Level upgrades? SEE THIS

After over 30 days, 28 individual orders completed and just 8 canceled with 98% overall rating I didn’t get the Level 1 badge not until I submitted a ticket to fiverr customer support. In less than an hour, my account was reloaded and I got the Level 1 badge. :slight_smile:

I guess some sellers might encounter a similar issue. Don’t worry! Fiverr customer support is top notch! You can submit a ticket to them to rectify any problem. :slight_smile:

To your success,

Fiverr customer support instant action is highly impressive :slight_smile:

I got the same issue.

I have been active for 30 days
I have 20 orders from 12 different people.
98% Positive rating.
0% cancellation

But, I was not getting promoted to Level 1. So I contact Customer Support. They explain my problem why I was not getting promoted ( I’ve ever broke the Fiverr ToS ). I think it will take so long time to be promoted to Level 1.

1 day latter after contacting CS, I graduated to Level 1.

Thanks Customer Support. :smiley:

Very reliable. :slight_smile:

I wish I had a similar experience with customer service. 5/5 times they have done nothing to help me as the seller but tell me to solve situations with clients myself or that they could do nothing.

Here are working Million plus seller … so its easy to guess that sometime you will face problem regarding profile and gig service…

so my suggestion is, just open a ticket with support and you will get instant service from fiverr support team…

they are always dedicating for us…

Fiverr support team is the amazing thing we have… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! :slight_smile: