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Experiencing Technical Difficulties [RESOLVED]

UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved.

We are currently experiencing some difficulties with videos, images, and file attachments (deliveries) due to a 3rd party issue. We are working to resolve this issue and will notify you when it’s fixed.

Same thing is happening to me right now… :frowning: what to do?? pls. Help

Thanks for the update.

Thank you for letting us know. Much appreciate that.

Thank you for letting us know!

Thanks for the update. Really appreciate that.

Can anyone explain what does this notification mean?

yasirbaig said:
  • Can anyone explain what does this notification mean?

Its a simple message bro. Images, videos and file attachments are not working at the moment.

I think they uses dropbx internally for file management. Am I right?

What about the issues today, like the main site not functioning at all, seemingly looks like something gone wrong with scripts? Tried 4 different browsers, 2 different PC’s and mobile browser and all don’t load it, only thing that remotely works is the mobile app, even that seems to idle on a few pages, I really hope this will be fixed soon! :frowning:

please fix it soon

why it seems Fiverr having problems with processing payments
when ordering gigs?.. i chose paypal then clicked the button,
nothing happened, tried it from different browser, still same.
any news about it?..

Thanks for the Update :slight_smile:

It’s not resolved. I keep getting a white screen when videos are finally uploaded. I have resorted to dropbox but much rather prefer directly sending videos.

There seem to be technical issues with the message system. I have an open gig and someone other than me keeps posting cancellation messages in the gig. Also there is an open gig in my dashboard that I never ordered and I am no longer getting notifications of new messages.

There are also technical issues with the order system. NINE orders have been placed on my dashboard in the last two days… NONE OF WHICH I ORDERED!!! Fiverr has a VERY unhappy customer here… especially since I am getting no response from the four help tickets I have opened.

Is this why I cannot reply to a buyer’s inquiry without sending a customer offer???

Example: someone asks if I can do work on a photo, and when I go to reply, the reply button is grey and won’t let me submit an answer. Only the “submit custom offer” button is green.

In fact, the last time someone asked me a question, I went ahead and used the “submit an offer” button in case their answer was what I needed to hear before accepting their job. Luckily it was.

But today, I cannot accept a job without first discussing the buyer’s expectations so I can tell them whether it’s something I can or cannot do. I do not want to send a custom offer if it is something that can’t be done (either by me or by anyone possibly).


P.S. Also, now my response rating dropped from 100% to 75% because I couldn’t reply real quick to buyer before I ran out the door. And I still can’t reply today.

hello when i am sending cancellation request for buyer, when buyer click on “accept” button for cancellation order, it will be automatically decline… this is very serious issue. please solve issue as soon as possible. i am reporting this bug hope fiverr give me reward for this bug reporting.

Not fixed. The upload button is broken. I have a job to deliver. . .

I have just placed and paid for an order but I cannot start it and submit my information because the “start order” button is NOT working.
I have tried 3 different browsers, I have cleared my cache. still nothing happens when I press the “start order button”

It doesn’t seem to be solved as yet I’m afraid! (at least for me) I am having two serious issues at moment:

  1. I submitted a delivery within my promised time but the system timer for the order is still running, even after 3 days showing ‘Extremely Late’ status; the order page at the same time is also displaying:
    ’ HERE’S YOUR DELIVERY! This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.'
    I delivered again, and again, but no change :frowning:

  2. Second problem is with the modifications requested by buyers, usually there is 24 hrs time in redelivering the modified work, but now the system immediately runs me out of time and the counter displays ‘LATE’

I understand the technical support team is extremely busy but I am hopeful one day I shall receive a reply to my ticket as a good news :slight_smile: