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Expert advice Needed!

I Started my journey on Fiverr.But Giving my best effort and spending much time. But don’t get any result. Every day I send buyer request, but, no results. can Experts tell me, that why I am not getting my result? can you check my all gigs, so that… tell me, what’s wrong with mine?

My all gig link:





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You already have 1 review.
Hopefully you are lucky with the quality of solid gigs


Hmmm…you have one review, but if you look at that review,it makes me think you reviewed yourself from another account. If I saw that and got that idea as a potential buyer, I’d think something was fishy.

It’s very possible that it’s someone else with the same name and looks like you, but it does give a less-than-positive impression to someone as to whether or not they should take a risk with you.


Hi @tarikpranto8 as a graphic designer you should ensure your gig image fits well within the frame when people view it. When buyers decide to purchase designs they will look at your work (including gig images) to see if the designs are a good fit for their project.

Parts of your image copy is cut off and there are watermarks running on the sides of the image that says biteable com. If you are using biteable software to design your images, I’m not sure if many people are aware of that software to make it a desirable selling point.

See your image below for areas of concern.


appreciate… :grinning:
Thanks for the suggestion.
I am gonna down this video, and up a new… eye catchy video . :slight_smile:

Yeah, you are such an intelligent person. no one could find this trick. but you do.
and I really appreciate your advice.

Keep me in your prayer. Have a nice day. :blush:

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First of all why did you leave a review on your own gig? That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence from the buyer’s point of view. :joy::joy::joy:
Make sure when you give custom offers you write professionally and offer products of very high value at very little cost.


you caught that. :smiley: :smiley:
yep. I thought it gonna help me to get an original buyer.
Should I remove this gig? and up the same?

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Dunno if you’re being sarcastic, but making another account with almost the exact same name is definitely not “intelligent”, and will 100% not look good to potential customers. Would you really want to buy from someone who is obviously faking their own reviews?

In fact, you’re likely to get banned for it since you’re not allowed to have two accounts.



You will be reported to Fiverr Trust and Safety for multiple accounts.