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Expert Advice to improve my gigs


Kehkishan here

I joined Fiverr this year, in October, In this period I try to improve my gigs for better exposure but I want ‘Expert’s Advice’ to make them even better

Thank you :slight_smile:


Ok, to start, what are your Gig``s and where is your profile :slight_smile:


Better exposure = #LifeGoals

I wish there was a simply way to just have more exposure…
It takes time, and quality clients and reviews to get some of that sweet exposure…

Keep it up, you are doing great from what I see :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


provide quality work to your buyers and communicate in good way with them .


what if i did not get any message from any buyer from the past weeks @pariwash


You can find profiles by just putting in So, for the OP,

(Links like this are allowed only in two forum categories. They are allowed in Improve my Gig for the purpose of asking for help but not for ads, and they are allowed in My Fiverr Gigs for ad purposes.)


@sophiapromoter. You will first have to reconsider the falsehoods on your account. You said you would change this here: I created a GIG in the past two weeks,yet i got no order

So far you still have most or all false info on your profile


Got it, nice new feature, extra thanks for the clarification or I
would have used this link/ad in all my posts lulz :kissing_closed_eyes: :smile:


The Video on gig is very attractive and explain your work in minimum time to increase you work efficiency and buyers can understand your work or services easily therefor add video to increase your sale as well as


Pretty good profile. I really like how you have uploaded customized gig images. Best of luck


My God, if Song Kye Kyo is looking for a job on Fiverr it must be really bad in Korea :frowning:


You are talking about yoona I think
Haha well I love Koreans


Oh, so you are not her? That’s a relief, I thought something bad is happening with actresses in Korea :slight_smile:


No im not talking about my dp… its yoona on my gig


You are right, my mistake, she’s a singer :slight_smile:


yup from girl’s generation


promote your gigs on different places and send buyer requests daily.