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** ***** Expert Hijacked my account and changed her rating

I ordered a gig from this seller, and things started off perfectly okay. I provided the seller with everything she needed to develop my website. When she was done with the website she emails me to let me know, and what do I see? Someone else’s website. I explain to the seller this is not my website. At this point communication became sparse. She says she is going to fix it. March 15 the order was supposed to be completed. March 23 I filed a dispute after giving the seller ample time to complete the order. I also gave her a negative review. I asked her repeatedly for updates, in which I never received it.

What happened next was abysmal.

I quickly changed the passwords to my websites, but I was on an island and had zero internet connection. She figured out my password to my Gmail, and changed the Gmail account information and recovery email. I was locked out. She then went into my Fiverr account modified the review and gave herself 5 stars.

Thankfully Fiverr is looking into the situation and provided me with a refund. I will continue to use Fiverr, but be careful with some of these gigs you order as some of the work that they “show you” could be fake.

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It is against Fiverr rules to name a seller so I suggest you remove that. You have had a dreadful experience and I am glad that it has been resolved.

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That’s a terrible experience. I am sure not all sellers here are the same. It would be right to vet a seller next time before placing an order. The number of reviews and the seller’s level of communication can help you figure out what kind of a person you’re dealing with. I am glad your issue was resolved.


You sound like a liar to me. How the hell can someone figure out your email’s password? Ok, she magically did it during the three-day period after the order completion. How did she find out your security question? In the end, Fiverr instantly bans both of the accounts once they are logged in from the same device.

We need to give the OP the benefit of the doubt.

Her main Fiverr account has gone, and we don’t know about the other one.


I have screenshots for when my gmail was hacked. I recycle using the same few passwords, and she had my password for my website. She was supposed to design my website. It’s pretty distasteful for you to go around calling people a liar. I’ve had positive experiences with other sellers, I just happen to come across one that scammed me. And I’m sure others as well. I also don’t want others getting scammed either. If you don’t have anything supportive to say, then don’t say anything. Also, how can a device be logged in from the same device if she is in Pakistan and I’m here. Plus I didn’t have access to Internet because I was on an island.

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She had excellent reviews, but she modified my review after she requested a modification through Fiverr. It’s my fault for having the same passwords for certain logins.

The thing about Public Forums is that people react to what you say. I have a right to respond to your post (obviously without being abusive). Why would a well-rated seller risk their account for one single rating? Moreover, you included the seller’s name in your post. This clearly shows that you have not bothered to read the Forum rules.

Maybe chill out a bit deluxe? You called the OP a liar, and she had every right to respond the way she did, and has said it was probably her fault.

That makes it 1-1 I think!

By the way, @frantzces - I am really sorry that this has happened - gosh but you’ve learned a lesson about passwords.

Good luck!


Come on, be realistic. As a seller you also know, why would someone with so many reviews commit such an act?

Their account doesn’t seem to exist any more, so I don’t know, you tell me?

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The OP’s account isn’t available as well.

Yup - I mentioned that before.

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Maybe because that one negative review could cripple your account.

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And someone would risk their account for that? I do not wanna be the s**tty guy here, but let’s have a look at the facts. Every other day, someone is trying to degrade a seller by posting against them. Most of the times, it is a fake account from a competing seller. And there are some blogs out there who instruct people to do this in order to get higher rankings.

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Do you mean to say that the person who posted this, is doing this to gain higher ranking?? Where are the facts in that?

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There are no facts to suggest that at all, and the OP is being done a dis-service by the very suggestion of it.

Here’s my take on it, and apologies to anybody I may offend if I get it wrong.

The OP was a genuine buyer (not a seller) who admits she made a mistake by reusing passwords. She bought a service, didn’t get what she want and quite rightly left a negative review.

The dodgy seller didn’t like this, and exacted revenge in the way the OP described - Fiverr agreed with the buyer, refunded her money and closed down the dodgy seller’s account.

No conspiracy, nobody trying to cheat a good seller, just a bad seller who got what they deserved - account closure.


I am saying this, considering the things that I know. There are instructors who teach to do this type of things to degrade the other sellers.

But not necessarily in this case.

Wow, I had hoped for a moment it was already April 1st when reading all this, but with accounts closed, password recycling systems disclosed and instructors instructing sellers to shovel their own graves, I guess it’s one of these real life is stranger than fiction stories.