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Experts guidelines for beginners

In this simple Conversation, I would like to introduce a simple conversational guide for beginners.
And I requested to the experts to help the beginners by showing him special skills.
I requested to all fiverr users to come here and take a lot of experience by this conversation.
Please anyone checkout my gig and tell me what is the problem in it.

GOD Bless You.
Thanks to all…!

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You called yourself a top-rated seller in your profile, yet you have 0 sales.
A simple Google search shows that your description is copied from an actual top-rated seller.
I think not copying from successful users would be a good place to start.


Thanks, I change it now;

Also, your description mentions that people should contact you through Skype, Chat, etc… Outside communication is against Fiverr TOS and can get you banned.

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I would like to change my description as soon as iI possible.

Yeah, I think now would be a good time.

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Suggest you go quickly and read the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page.


Copying materials from other sellers profiles is a clear infringement of TOS and again it isn’t a professional way to start. Believe on your own skills, and shun taking short cuts. It won’t do any good.

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I change it thanks.

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I am a beginner. I am posting gigs but not getting any response of the buyers for quite a long time. So how can I get rid of this situation. Please suggest me.