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I have 8 orders in queue now my gig is not being shown is search, please suggest me what to do. I did not set any order limit. Further i did not get any mail from staff.


Perhaps you should worry about the eight orders you do have right now, and not fret so much about what you could have. A queue with eight orders is something many sellers would love to have. It seems a bit offensive to other sellers without any orders, for your to be complaining that you don’t have POTENTIAL orders, when you still have EIGHT orders to complete.


I genuinely am curious to know how your gig, with a singular gig image as below, can attract a queue of 8 orders. I must be missing out on something here. Please share your tips with us!


Agree!! :slight_smile:


Good catch! :hushed:



I mean, when someone says they’ve got EIGHT orders in queue I naturally want to check out their gigs to see what I can learn from them but… come on. :exploding_head:


Maybe it’s because this is not allowed to write essays, so that the few who are left get a lot of orders. Apparently they don’t care that there was a misspelling of medalist.
Nor do they care about the awkward sentence structure, nor the misspelled words in the bottom part.

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With the way you’ve phrased your gig title, it seems like you’re offering a service that isn’t allowed. So I suppose the “expert” help we can provide you with is: reconsider, make a new gig?


@somaginer1996 How do you know that its not allowed?..Where is it stated on fiverr’s TOS?

Mod Note: The statement has been made multiple times by Customer Support as a part of Fiverr’s editorial focus policies. @somaginer1996 is correct.


Non-Plagiriased Content

The ones who buy that deserve what they get.


@misscrystal That is so disrespectful of you to say that about her writing because If I had said such thing someone on fiverr would call me rude…

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Yes it is disrespectful.


I’m pretty sure it falls beneath the Illegal and Fraudulent services section in the TOS. Having someone write your homework assignment for you is pretty fraudulent.

Also, it’s generally a Fiverr thing to avoid getting on the wrong side of any organizations’ or institutions’ code of conduct/terms of service. Doing homework assignments for other people is very much a violation at most academic institutions.

That’s probably why academic gigs have been removed more and more frequently–because they’re illegal under a lot of school policies, and also because it makes Fiverr as a platform look bad.


@somaginer1996 Can you show me proof of where its stated on fiverr’s TOS?..A screenshot of where its stated on fiverr’s TOS would be helpful…

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CS Actual Sample:

If you have other questions about this, please ask Customer Support.


Essay writings are not allowed.

This user always like to tell people they are disrespectful. :roll_eyes:


Why do you need proof? Can’t you take her word for it? It’s true. Why so argumentative all the time with others?


Sure! I would assume that you’ve read it before, since you signed up for this site, but here ya go, buddy:

Hopefully that’s a clear enough screenshot for you, the relevant section is in the middle! You know, the link is right at the bottom of the Fiverr homepage, so you could just navigate to there yourself and ctrl+f it.

If you need more help I could highlight it or something, but I’m currently feeling a bit on the lazy side :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t waste your time, let him read the ToS like everyone else or if he has a Q to direct them at Customer Support. @mywordpresspro As a Seller take some responsibility, I read the ToS periodically to stay in the loop. You can do the same!


Screenshot above, buddy. Please don’t tell me that you’re too lazy to scroll up…


@mywordpresspro what’s the dealio with you always asking for proof over and over?
This is tiresome. She is telling the truth. Don’t repeatedly ask people for proof all the time when they tell us things. You can find it yourself if you look for it.