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Experts in the house, please help me take a look at my gigs

Hi everyone.

I’m quite new on this platform, and I created my gigs over a week ago.

I have managed to get only one order through buyer request since I created my gigs.
Since then, no more orders are coming, despite the fact that I keep sending offers through buyer requests.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Help me check my gigs out experts in the house. (Logo Design) (Photo Editing) (Business Card Design)


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I just have a comment to make about your logo design services and it might even help you bring in more sales.

I make videos for Buyers here on Fiverr and often I’m sent low resolution / low quality images that don’t work well on a 1280x720 or 1920x1080 screen.

It’s far easier and looks so much better for us to reduce the size of a large high quality file than it is for us to enlarge a low-quality poor image file.

Maybe you could add some text about Logos suitable for video? Maybe even offer another gig for that market?

Videomakers like me LOVE high resolution .png logos on transparent backgrounds :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean I should create a gig specialising on logo design for videos?

It’s just an idea. It’s totally up to you.


ok, thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: