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Experts of Graphics & Design: need some advice :)

It’s evident that Gigs from Graphics & Design section are quite popular but I’m no expert in that field ! :))

I know the basics of Photoshop and nowadays most people use Actions & Templates anyways, isn’t it ? I maybe wrong just guessing :wink:

So there are a few GIGs which I plan on offering using templates , like ebook covers, business cards, flyers, logo mock ups and product mock ups.

All I want to know is the Price to effort and competition ratio!

For eg. I think ebook covers are very popular. So I think I can get many orders(ideal scenario ). All I have to do is choose one of the templates, find a suitable stock image, buy it, customize it and done. Price $5 to $10 with stock image. 3d covers and CreateSpace extra , maybe upto $20.

Next is business cards- I think it’s not much popular and I have to find many unique templates and prices are $5 and $10 for psd file.

Then there are flyers- I think, there is decent demand but I have to find many unique flyers for each purpose . How much I can charge the most I have no idea. If somebody can explain it, I will be grateful :slight_smile:

Then there are logo mock ups- I think, it is not so popular because many people do it themselves . But it’s very easy work for $5.

Product mock ups- I have no idea. Need to find the templates and price again I have no idea how much to charge.

I want to know which thing I should invest my time in learning and which GIG I should offer.

I think having 5 orders a day for $15 each would be better than 10 orders a day with only $5.

Thank you.

I do book covers, and i can tell you that with some clients I did invest a lot of time in making a book cover. You should charge, set up price by the quality you offer and plan to give ti clients. Also if you need any help, you can contact me, and i can withhelp you a bit with adobes creative cloud (photoshop, illustrator, indesign etc…) Also for making a book cover i would suggest you to use indesign with photoshop…

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