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Experts please guide me

Hello friends,

Please guide me. Few days ago I received an order from a buyer who had been sent to me by another regular buyer. I did his work and he completed the order. After few days that order had been canceled by CS team and I was compensated with the order amount.

Now my regular buyer contacted me and told me that someone has taken $1000 from his friend’s card while he used to ordered my gig. He told me that ask fiverr support team that you are not involved in this, so that you are not harmed.

I have contacted fiverr team. I have also attached screenshot of what I have written to them.

Please tell, I have done good to inform them?

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You are not allowed to show the usernames of other buyers and sellers on the forum.

Suggest you remove the usernames from your post above.

Just removed. Sorry.

Can you suggest me?

Just wait for the reply from Customer Support. What happened appears to out of your control.

Okay, but I was totally isolated from this issue. I don’t know what is happening on backend.

Exactly, just wait for the reply.

Thanks my friend. I will wait.

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you are not allowed to share buyer username kindly edit it.

This has already been dealt with.