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Experts! Please help review this:


Not been having sales… please review and help+assist:



i’m no expert, but for instance, your gig “I will provide you with an overkiling 150 face book cover for $5” doesn’t inspire me to buy it at all. First of all, I don’t really understand what will I receive for $5. I’m not sure what “overkiling” means, or what and why would I want to “overkiLL” anything… and… will you make 150 covers? it the cover “overkill” something 150 times??

I see grammar and spelling errors and I expect much more from a native English speaker. I may have not sold gigs on here, but that’s because I didn’t try hard enough. But as a freelance writer all the errors I mentioned are very troublesome and make me wonder if I would even see the product I paid for (regardless of whether I understood what I get or not).

good luck.


thañks to u peppermint


Yes, after just 2 weeks of regular practice, you too will be able to spam like Corey.