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Experts will solve Gig's problem

I am opening a gig according to my skill. If there is a problem somewhere in the gig, you must solve it, in the replay
Gig link:

Advance, Thanks.


There’s a spelling mistake in the gig title.

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change the text of question 5.


Very very Thanks uk1000

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" I hope you won’t be disappointed".

Suggest you remove the above from your gig description as it does not come across as very professional or competent and will put many buyers off.

They will just move on to buy from someone else.


Thanks lloydsolutions

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Thanks everyone…

Overall, I noticed some issues, including unlimited revisions, grammar errors, and simply saying that you are a professional and can provide perfect service without saying why (what companies did you work for, do you have any formal education/certifications, etc.). A lot of these issues are covered in areas throughout the Fiverr forum, so taking a look at various “Improve my Gig” posts will help guide you in the right direction. (However, your profile is pretty good other than a couple of grammatical errors.)


Thanks for your good advice eliiclaire

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I disagree a bit with part of your profile. You list English as fluent, but it should be ‘basic’.


Thanks for your advice imagination7413 .

Both title and content of this post kinda indicate a demand to do something rather than politely asking for help.

Also, Elementor PRO is a paid version of a basic Elementor, is that included into your Gig’s price? Don’t remember if PRO had a monthly subscription or not, though.


Thanks tenebres_telrei

Wow, pretty pushy there for someone who needs help. You may want to use a kinder approach and say “please” will you look at my Gig and suggest any errors/changes I should make.

I am sure English is not your first language, so it comes down to that, but, the way you phrased your request is a huge turn-off.



Thanks for the nice consideration genuineguidance.