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Expiration Date for Custom Offers

Recently I’ve had a number of customers who ignore a custom offer for a while and then place it a month (or more) after I’ve sent it without consulting with me first. When this happens, my schedule is usually very different than it was when I sent the offer. I’ve been able to fit some of these orders in but had to cancel others. I was thinking it would be very helpful if custom offers either automatically expired after a week or two or if sellers could choose an expiration date. Maybe we could even give buyers the option to request the offer be opened up again if it’s expired.

I make sure I withdraw the offer after a few days.

Reply to @misscrystal: That’s a good idea! I hadn’t thought of withdrawing them. I might need to keep better track of when I send offers out and then withdraw them once my schedule is full.

I would love to be able to set an expiry date on the order when I sent it too :slight_smile: Either say 7 days, or open ended if it a small one that I can fit in anytime, but big ones would be great to set a time limit, as it is hard to remember to withdraw them…

I would love a big red countdown timer of 24 hours that the buyer can see on custom orders! Let’s them know to decide now or lose out on the opportunity.

Reply to @misscrystal: This is an excellent idea! Fiverr loves high-pressure tactics, why not push some on the buyers? It would definitely motivate sales and also keep the sellers in line, by ‘forcing’ them to commit instead of just leaving offers out there that they may not be able to deliver on, later. (Which is the also-irritating opposite of un-attentive buyers showing up weeks or months later!)

Reply to @misscrystal: Reply to @misscrystal: I withdraw them as well. Sometimes that can be better than a set offer deadline. The offer can be available, but then if orders start piling up, it’s easy enough to withdraw it.

But I love your offer countdown idea. Limited Time Only is an excellent motivator. If the offers stay in an archive of sorts, it could be re-instated if sales are slow.

YES! There is an expiration date when using your custom link.

Let me explain:

Go to:

Then "generate an offer"

preview, now you’ll have the choice of html and a direct order link. Copy the direct order link and provide this to your clients. It automatically stops working within 30 days of its creation.


yea! I do that sometimes but it will be just great! to have the option that mhwoolz describe. because is true it has happen to me a few times.

Im happy to say that we’ve added the option to set an expiry on Custom Offers.
When you create a custom offer, you can find this setting under the “Define Additional Details” section.
The expiry setting is optional and can be set from 1-30 days.

Don’t worry, you will still have the option to withdraw the offer anytime you wish :slight_smile:

We’re always happy to get your feedback!

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