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Expiration Time in Custom Offer

Hello friends,
I have one question? While sending custom offer, there is something called ‘Expiration Time’. What does that mean.


Eager to know, can someone help?

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Time to get expire this offer that you make for your buyer.
if buyer is busy and not available then this offer will expire within mention time after that you need to make new one

Okay great !
So hope this is applicable for Buyer Request as well. I mean when we offer from ‘Buyer Request’ section.

But there is no option of this i guess

See this post: Expiry Date for Offers sent to Buyer Requests

There is no expiry date.

Yes no option what I see !!

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When you will finish this his/her project?This is expiry date.

I have gone trough, many thanks. However while offer comes from BR after 2 to 3 months, we will be absolute without clue and forget about that offer
However I have requested Fiverr Customer Care to look into this and they have forwarded the concern to respective team. Lets hope for the best.


You are welcome to the community !
Thanks for your suggestion, but here we are discussing about validity of the custom offer.

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