EXPIRED Payoneer card


Hello! My Payoneer card is about to expire, I already have my new one but I want to know if I need to change something here about the card info or if it is not necessary.



you can renew the old card. if you got new one then contact fiverr support and remove old card and add new one


If your Payoneer account is still the same, there’s no need to change anything here, because you will still withdraw to the same Payoneer account.

When I renewed my Payoneer card, I didn’t have to change anything, I kept withdrawing as usual. :slight_smile:


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


This is an old post but I am right now in this situation so instead of creating new post i will simply ask here.
Okay, so my new Payoneer card arrived today which i activated so i assume i will withdraw here as usual? Like no need to contact fiverr support or something?


If your replacement card is for the same account you were using previously, you do not need to do anything. Simply activate the card and that is it. If you have funds in your Payoneer account, these should be transferred to your new card automatically. New Fiverr withdrawals will also load to the new card automatically.

I would advise only contacting Fiverr or Payoneer CS if you withdraw funds and have a problem.


Thanks! Really appreciated and I only have one account so Yes, it’s same.


By withdrawing without changing the payoneer card on fiverr of the same account, will it take long time to receive payment in Payoneer? because I did the same but not received payment even after 24 hours…Kindly help !


If you meant how much time fiverr to payoneer withdraw takes then officially it takes 3days max but i usually get in few hours. One instant mail and then after 10min another mail and it’s in my payoneer.