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Expiry Date for Custom Offers - Yay!

Very excited to see the latest new feature, we can now put an expiry date on custom offers! No more getting people buying custom offers from months earlier you had completely forgotten about. And if you know you are going away or only offering extra fast delivery for a short time, you can do that! Thanks fiverr! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Great!

Yipeeeee!!! I noticed that today as well and wanted to say THANK YOU FIVERR!!! I am currently in vacation mode and received 3 orders today from clients who received their custom orders last week. This is a great new feature!!!

Truly awesome addition. You also get points for using expiry in a sentence.

Cool. They should also add an expiry for support. Right now I am providing 1 year of free technical support but fiverr should do something about that.
Also, I have heard that there’s a feature called live portfolio. Where to find it? You guys have any idea?

Finally, something new that is useful for everyone. It’s been awhile… Thanks Fiverr! :slight_smile:

I love that new feature makes sure people know you are serious abiut an offer and it is not open ended. Yes all they need to do now is to sort out the sellers posting in buyers requests

It’s a great feature, although sometimes an old custom offer I made will be accepted a week or two later so I’m going to leave my custom offers open for a week at least.

It’s also a neat little thing if you want to play the marketing trick of “limited time offer only” custom offers. Just be sure to mention it in your offer blurb. You can theoretically charge whatever you like–just be sure to think of something that makes the limited offer work.

This is a great feature. Very happy. I have run into to clients that asked for short delivery, and I had the time to get it done. And then accept the custom offer weeks later when I’m busy. With broken/un-reliable search I couldn’t find them to revoke them in time.

This will be life saver on these!