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Explain it – Top 3 Voice Over Essentials To Excite Employees

You’ve gone through a long search process, interviewed countless applicants and have finally chosen and hired the right person. Now you need to make sure your new employee stays and makes your investment worthwhile. Getting your working relationship started on the right foot is the key. Want buy in from your new employees? Make it simple and accessible! Explain it.

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How do you welcome a new employee? When I was in college I started a job with a stereo sales company and upon my hiring I was given a book of company rules a products that was 100s of pages long. I was then instructed to go over this material at home on my free time. I didn’t work for them very long. How we welcome and present our company mission statement is very important to setting the tone and the foundation for a new employee. I recommend a video, with an engaging and welcoming voice over, outlining the mission statement and successes of the company. Who are you? What do you stand for? And why should this excite your new employee. While there might be a lot to learn the new employee won’t be that excited to dive in and tackle a pile of dense material if he is not excited about the company first.

Once the new employee is hooked there will be an increased level of focus and interest in the training materials. In some cases this material can be dense at best and just plain boring at worst! Make is easy and accessible as you can for your new employees. As I stated earlier, handing a book of material to your new employee with orders to read on their free time sets the wrong tone does not ensure your materials are properly presented or received. The time you take into developing your training program will both impress and excite your new employee and the best training materials simply explain the material. Why waste an afternoon of hoping you’ll stayed focused on 100s of pages of 11 point font when you could sit in front of a computer and have a friendly voice explain the material to you. If training for your company were as fun and easy as watching TV what kind of an impact would that have on the quality and longevity of your employees? Complex videos are not always required. Sometimes it can be as simple as having a voice over artist read the material to accompany a simple on screen display (pictures or text).

Now that your new employee is hired, excited and trained for action, you’re done right? That person will continue to remember all the material, live the mission statement and become your top rep! Likely not. Even the employees at the top of the food chain need reminders of why they are there and that they are appreciated. Company updates can be so much more fun and interesting than an email. How many emails do we already get on a daily basis? Another one from the boss reminding us of this and that might not even get read. But a fun and exciting video with background music showing off the launch of a new product, congratulating someone on their new baby, or simply saying Happy Holidays ~ can quite literally change someone’s day. You’ll find a little lift here and there is well worth the investment.

While we cannot guarantee that every hire will aspire to become the model employee we can choose to set the example and treat them as if they will become our future stars. With a surprisingly small amount of time and money you can massively improve your employees experience from day one – presenting your mission statement, making sure your new hires are properly trained and keeping them interested and excited for many years. Simply explain it! The right voice makes all the difference.

About the author: Keith Harris is a professional voice over artist in New York City. Specializing in the corporate sector, Keith has voiced thousands of projects for corporations all over the world. For more information or to contact Keith please visit:

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