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Explain the search ranking logic please?


Could someone please explain how the search ranking works because it doesn’t make ANY sense to me?

If we take this gig as an example:

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

  1. First result when you search “youtube subscribers”.
  2. Gig was made 8 days ago.
  3. Account was made 8 days ago.
  4. Low amount of given subscribers.
  5. Keywords makes no sense what so ever.
  6. 1 review/order in queue.
  7. Account profile isn’t even completed.

    And if we take this gig as another example:

  8. Nowhere at the result page when you search “youtube subscribers”.
  9. Gig was made 1+ month ago.
  10. Account was 6+ months ago.
  11. High amount of subscribers (same service as above).
  12. Keywords are relevant.
  13. Multiple reviews/orders in queue.
  14. Account profile is fully completed.

    Could someone please explain the logic behind this for me because I can’t understand it?

Would be great if someone could explain this please.

Reply to @bachas85: The funny thing is that I have for example better overall ratings, number of orders per day, number of deliveries per day and higher % of buyers that leave feedback than the channel that I listed (it got removed from the post) yet the system places his gig before mine and other gigs that are even better than mine. Doesn’t make ANY sense at all.

I found nothing that can explain fiverr search algo. Few people says it depends on Rating, Views, SEO, blah blah …

There is likely just as much of a mathematical science to the Fiverr search algorithm, as there is to SEO and Google search rankings.

Reply to @jonbaas: of course there is. But they don’t want us gaming that algo to get better rankings, so they’re not likely to share it with us. just part of doing business


Explain the ranking logic? What ranking logic?