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Explain this fiverr

My response time went to 1 hour to 4 hours because two roboscammers (which blocked/left immediately on reply) sent me a message at two in the morning.

I call bs.

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My response time is one hour. I sleep 9 hours every night and log off of Fiverr two hours before I go to bed. Once I wake up, I take another hour to get on Fiverr and begin to answer questions. So, I am not answering my messages for up to 12 hours. Yet, I keep my response time to one hour.

Another issue is that I always respond to spam with a short message, such as “This is spam. You have been reported!” Fiverr gives us the message that not answering spam does not count against us, but there are signs that it really does affect our response time and rate, so I always respond to these type of messages.


Thank you vickiespencer! I am a shiny brand new seller here on Fiverr, and I appreciate your tip on how to respond to spam with a short message. It all seems overwhelming for a newbie and I just wanted to say thank you for your impute on the subject.

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Oh, but I have an even better response saved in my quick responses.

Salutations {user name!}

Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn’t align with the service that I offer. In fact, it does not align with any of my services! Apologies if this hadn’t seemed clear to you after reading my gig descriptions. I suggest you stop looking for sellers who might fall for this silly scam.

By the time you have finished reading this, I have already blocked and reported your account!

Best of luck and have a wonderful (not really) day! :wink:



I love getting loads of spam and scam emails every day so keep em coming! I can hit the report button faster than you can keep making fake new accounts so let’s play! I got nothing better to do with my day.

ps: Is this all you got???

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