Explain this Skype thing to me?


So, obviously some people have Skype gigs and I really want to purchase one particular Skype gig… however… doesn’t this violate the TOS to give out Skype information? How does this work?

The Skype chat is a ‘gig extra’ the user offers.


Alright, CS’s answer was… 'vague.'

It said that there’s a process people have to go through to get Skype gigs approved and there’s always a possibility what I am ordering violates TOS.

…what. o_o


I posted a skype gig and it was “under review” for two days then all of a sudden it passed though and now it’s active so I’m assuming that means it got reviewed and approved, lol. Also I’ve seen more than one “featured” gig that included skype.


I would have wanted to offer a Skype “extra” for readings, (and was actually asked if I could do a reading via Skype, but when I went to type back to the buyer that I didn’t offer those at this time, I got the RED flag telling me I am about to make a major faux pas, so I deleted that word from the correspondence and just informed them I do not do videochat at this time) but, I am afraid to even WITH permission because I have read too many online forums where people have been kicked off the platform due to giving out their “contact” info. Skype names would obviously lead people off the platform and once you have them on Skype, I suppose you could lead them to your site, twitter, FB, etc. I have seen readers offering Skype sessions, but, they must have this special permission and, most likely, have been here a lot longer than I.


I’ve been scratching my head wanting to do something similar:


I have had many similar thoughts about the Fiverr TOS on this one, but I’m glad to see they’ll approve gigs like this.

I suppose they’ll be ok with it if the gig looks legit and you’ve been on here following the rules properly for a while.

Maybe they’ll rethink the connecting to people aspect of all of this someday. I just wonder if strict rules could be keeping a novel innovation from coming to light.


It may be worth sending Fiverr Support the links to the gigs that you want to order to see if they have been approved and fit the TOS.


Yknow… Fiverr should start a chat system. :stuck_out_tongue:


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