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Explain this!


I started a making presentation gig and now i have been promoted to level one seller with the help of that gig. And i have got good reviews too. But when i opened fiverr and then opened the presentation tab from friends laptop. My gig is not on front page. Other making presentation gig appears on front page, who hasn’t made any sale, and if made, they have got one or two good reviews or negative feedbacks. So how my gig will appear on front page, so buyers can get me.


I’m not sure what the order is behind this. :frowning: It may just be random. It has seemed that way to me. Maybe someone else knows better, or maybe we should ask


Based on what I know there is an algorithm that rotates the gigs so new sellers can be given a chance to shine.


There is a perpetual algorithm that confuses many a seller on fiverr. My advise to you is not to worry about whether you are on the front page but deliver the best product you can and enjoy your time with fiverr


Reply to @madmoo: I haven’t been on the front page in as long as I can remember - or maybe I have and I was asleep at the time

That’s is what I say to myself, maybe I was on the front page when I was asleep…lol


Reply to @tn5rr2012: me either…


Reply to @madmoo: Good point. Have had a surge or two of orders, perhaps I simply missed my 15 minutes of fame!!


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Reply to @madmoo: I have never been able to correlate if the increase in my sales has anything to do with the front page. I still wish there was a way we could track the orgins of our visitors and clients


There IS a way actually of knowing how much traffic you actually get looking at your gig. I could create a landing page and see my analytics for that. However, knowing who actually ordered would be very different. Since we would not know their Fiverr ID when they referred onto the landing page, there is no way for me to track it.


Reply to @lparziale: How does one create a landing page and when you say analytics, are you talking about G@@GLE analytics?


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Easy to create a landing page. I would create one that simply redirected to Fiverr gig I was promoting, so the consumer would never even see “my page” but my analytic software would pick up the "hit."

I would use proprietary analytic software, Google is NEVER used in my world due to SEO constraints. I don’t like Google poking around in my code.

Check my profile, I do have a web page gig that I can use to set that up for you if you like.