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Explainer Videos.. Does Your Startup Need One?

In recent times, explainer videos have suddenly become the rage. Every startup whether funded by a venture capitalist or funded with a loan from friends and family seems to want one.

So what is it about these videos that has made them so popular?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so think how popular a video would be.

Explainer videos are short animated films which explain everything about your product or service in under a minute. Think of it as a video that depicts your elevator pitch. People these days are so saturated with information overload that they need something to cut through the noise.

Explainer videos are perfect for such situations. They both educate as well as entertain the viewer.

One of the biggest mistake that ive seen companies do is to outsource the entire video to one company.

Think about it for a minute. Even though the video may be top notch, a weak script will hamper your conversions greatly.

So the right thing is to write up a short script based on what you think the problem in your industry is and how your product or service solves this problem

Then hand this over to a professional copywriter and get a script written for your video. Remember the script is what does the selling, not just the video

For the video, dont you worry, i will be doing that :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Make an Explainer Video for your startup

yes, Explainer video are becoming popular day by day