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Explainer/Whiteboard SCAM warning to Voice Over gigs!

Ok so this is just my opinion but this is whats happening.

You get a request to do a voice over for an explainer/whiteboard or flash video.
They give you a script thats confusing and unclear what your voicing in it.
You give your price then they beat you down with some sob story.
Because you want them to be able to give their kids new shoes, you say yes.
They don’t order but another buyer contacts you saying there “college” recommended you.
They present you with a totally different script with more words.
You are unwittingly part of a common practice on here.
They are praying on new voice talents who are starting at the $5 dollar range.

Heres whats going on…
Did you ever buy a new car buy didn’t want to pay for the mats. so you beat the dealer down for the mats?
Well, company or person “x” buys an video from a Fiverr seller and of course want it narrated. But seller “y” does not want to pay for these new “mats” i.e voice over so he has 2 Fiverr accounts or a buddy video maker who finds a voice over who can do it for nothing. Then bates and switches the scrip or beats them down. they will claim its for someone else. If you agree to the badgered price. Person “z” will now contact you. They most likely are the same people with a different Fiverr account. They claim there the company who want the VO and its blahblah we were quoted this price. DONT agree because 1 thay will cancel the order after its done. Or give you a script that actually has 3 or 4 video scripts in it

So… Remember this to protect yourself.

  1. Dual accounts in the same name is against TOS
  2. Report anyone doing this and let Fiverr know ALL the buyers who contacted you.
  3. If a person buys or gets a quote from you THEY are the buyer if the voice over is for them or not.
  4. Demand a word count from them. And EXACTLY what they want you to do.

This is long but I almost got fooled twice


Very helpful topic… I love it. thanks.