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Explainers webinar: After Party!

Hey gang!

We just wrapped up our webinar!

I thought it would be cool if I created this post to address any unanswered questions you had!

I am here if you want to discuss the subject matter, or just let me know what you thought of my presentation!

All feedback is welcome!

Here’s the link if you missed the webinar and would like to watch my lecture:

Please note that the two flowcharts I designed for everyone to use, are linked on that page for you to download!


Hi @frank_d, the webinar was exceptionally well done as expected.

It truly helped answer some questions I’d been meaning to ask. Just one last thing, your beard was absolutely fantastic.

What advice would you give someone trying to grow their own because you seem like the guy to ask.

I do have some other questions but I will save them for future webinars (which I hope to attend) that are more relevant to my category.


Great job Frank.

It was great, lots of stuff to learn, especially for the newer people that are ALWAYS asking how to get higher ranking, how to get more sales, without actually focusing on the user experince. Hopefully this removes many of the unnecessary posts.

Thanks for the shoutout too ( My name is Alex, I don’t really use it here unless I am talking with clients).


Great session Frank
Thank You very much

Should I prefer sending Custom order to ease the process for buyer or ask them to order directly, when direct order is possible for the project?
Does having more Custom Orders affects the Gig rank negatively?


It was a really outstanding presentation. I am glad I joined the webinar.


Great webinar, although some questions weren’t answered the presentations were clear and precise.


I said it there and I will repeat it here. Your presentation and what you have spoken are great and superb informations.

This was extremely sad to watch and hear. The fact that everything you showed should be common sense and how sellers prepare themselves for the selling process and the materials and everything, from the description, FAQ and mandatory requirements, clients brief, having Quick replies ready, all of this is covered in guidance for sellers in HELP section and TOS videos.

Practically what people should do; and 99% fails at it; is reading the HELP section and TOS.

It was sad to see how many sellers said this was helpful to them meaning they never actually took time to read the “Selling on Fiverr” which guides them through every step of the process.

Everything that you suggested for sellers to do; I did when I was preparing my files and folders for GIGs. I thought it was common sense to take this approach as a professional designer or animator.

It just confirmed to me that teachers are never going to be out of work. Repeating over and over and over the same things that were explained 10 years ago for Fiverr is just standard.


Hey @ssj1236 thank you for your kind words and thank you for attending!

I’m glad my presentation answered some of your questions, I am always here on the forum for the rest!

I literally laughed out loud!

Exercising and having a great sleep schedule helps with growth!
(ok part of it is also genetics, I guess)


Hey @marinapomorac I was really happy to read your comment.

I am with you 100%.

A bit of BTS if I may: the original presentation was very different.

My original deck was laser focused on the marketing of it all, and explained what the customer journey is, and how it’s different than the customer experience.


After initial discussions with the Fiverr team, it became clear that a webinar with that subject matter would only appeal to 4-5 people.

We made a conscious decision to start from the absolute basics.

I was bummed out too, I am not going to lie.

Plus it was harder for me to look for value in what I was saying, as like you said, what I said tonight was pretty much what we call “common sense”.

The data Fiverr used to figure out what the pain points should be, are there and they are screaming that sellers need to hear this, before moving on to more advanced concepts.


While the webinar itself may have been a bit on the basic side the Q&A at the end was very insightful.

As someone attending his first Fiverr Webinar, it definitely showed the kinda effort presenters put into it which is making me look forward to webinars that talk about topics more seasoned sellers would be interested in like sustainability.


Thank you. This “parrot” approach Fiverr has, I wish they would develop and evolve from it in a form of making a checklist for every seller before posting the first GIG:

Thank you for considering posting your services on our platform. Before starting please make sure that you have the following ready:
a) GIG title
b) GIG description
c) pricing
d) FAQ
e) mandatory requirements
f) Clients brief in PDF
g) portfolio images in X×Y dimension, original work
h) short 75 second video (optional)
i) Quick reply for enquires
j) Quick reply for order delivery

At least something that will stop them and force them to think before making GIGs.


@marinapomorac believe it or not, they are very much aware of what the issues are, and at some points it was brought up by someone on the team, as a joke.

Like how we should make some things mandatory before people can even sell stuff.

But that’s probably not going to happen.

There is no easy answer, as what you are asking is not correct.

There is no ranking anymore. Fiverr doesn’t serve pages of results like google does.

Fiverr is now Tinder.

It wants people to match and… well, love each other at first sight.

So if you are not getting messages or sales in, you are not considered relevant by Fiverr, for what people in your niche are looking for.

And I am feeling very generous tonight: I took a look at your profile, and I have to say that what stuck out, was the fact that you advertise a converting landing page, and you can’t do that for yourself.

I am not attacking you, I am just asking you to think, how to apply what you surely know, to your gigs.

I think your best gig out of the three in terms of potential, is the landing page one. But your thumbnail is badly designed, so that’s definitely not helping.

thank you @rahulkajla1 for attending! I’m glad you found it useful.


Who rents a store, makes a window ad, sends out flyers and then thinks about what the store is going to sell and how?

I have to wait for that thing you mentioned “the 100% effective workflow”, but now I am afraid it is going to be something I already do.

I hope my SM and seller plus program works and they deliver some benefits.

I am noticing that many people got their reply from SM very fast, but my SM is quiet after I asked him to check my GIGs.

I sent him my folders distribution, he can see the files for each gigs section, workflow process, concept of handling low tier clients and high tier clients…

At this point maybe he is copying it and sharing to others “this is what you need to do to improve your GIGs” :smiley:

Improvement is easy, answering fast is also easy. But what to do when you do not get any messages to reply to?

My question to you is this: “what is it that you are looking for?”

Can you describe it in a sentence or two?

What are you trying to achieve but don’t know how to do it as of yet?

If you have not seen Frank’s beard in person, here it is in all of its glory!


hahaha! thank you for the screen grab @vickiespencer

Yes my beard has grown considerably in the past year.

Maybe there’s a webinar I could do if more people want to grow beards…


Clients that have clear or semi clear vision of what they want, realistic budget and capable of providing constructive feedback and articulate their vision so I can make it happen.

In the US there was a player for the Gonzaga college team that had a beard. Someone made a Twitter account for it. Maybe I will do that. :thinking: It could include comments about when it gets combed, cut, styled. Or perhaps what you had for lunch that got in your beard? :bearded_person:t2: :ramen:

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OK, right off the bat:

are your gigs created and priced accordingly?

To use your store metaphor, did you set up shop in a strip mall and are looking for people who look to hire agencies?

I am 100% on beard, er on board.

I can provide you with daily pics, as needed.

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As I typed here I just got reply from my SM :smiley:

My “problem” is I have multiple skills (that come with a story for each of them) and I am not at that level of Fiverr freelancing where I can say “This skillset is bringing me enough income so I will remove the rest”.

My GIGs are created and priced accordingly. But not as a group, individual services.

My logo gig has a different target audience from my overlay gig, and my social media design GIG has a different audience from whiteboard/kinetic video.