Explaining to buyers that anything less than 4.5-star is negative is getting cumbersome


A good proportion of buyers seem to rate 4-stars initially. They think 4-star is a GREAT positive rating. Most have said that it is almost perfect (3 people actually rated me 4-stars because they were sure I had stolen content and sent it to them, so they didn’t want to give the full 5). A few have rated 4.stars when the gig was delivered WITHIN the deadline because the deadline was too long for them. Well, why not read the deadline before you order?


4-stars is an ABYSMAL rating. If you are happy with the work, give them 5-stars. Simple. Anything less than 4.5 stars is a negative feedback. Simple as that.

Fiverr really needs to change that system, or go back to thumbs up/thumbs down.


I don’t know if you have checked the statistics but 4.5 star reviews do count as 5 star ones in the graph.


Not when it comes to working out the average rating. That is just for ‘ease’. In the graph, it rounds it up. When the average rating is worked out (i.e. that hidden rating 4.834747 or whatever), it classes them as what you were marked at.

The 4.5 stars are not the issue anyway.

It is those damn 4-stars.

Why the hell do they have to be classed as negative?

I get comments like:

“Best content EVER”


What rating?


Then I contact the buyer and ask why. Then they are all “nothing is 100% perfect”.


You are right about that one. I think that reviews that are bellow three stars are counted as negative by the system. Recently, I got my first 3.5-star review from a client that hasn’t read my descriptions, but I didn’t bother to contact CS as they won’t delete the review even though the buyer hasn’t read that in my basic gig for photo watermarks I don’t draw shapes.

It happens to me also. I liked the thumbs up and thumbs down system that was used three years ago.


Technically 4 stars is a positive rating and on most rating sites, it is good. Fiverr has gone a long way in recent months to encourage buyers to leave whatever rating they see fit, so I think we might see an actual increase in ratings under 5 stars. I imagine we’ll see more buyers giving 3.5-4.5 ratings even when they liked (but didn’t LOVE) what they got. It’s going to be tough to get used to, but I also have always hated feeling that I had to cancel to avoid anything below a 5, so in that sense I can deal with an occasional lower one.


The problem is not so much people leaving 4-stars. I don’t mind getting 4-stars. It is the fact that Level 2 is tied heavily to maintaining 4.5 stars which is the issue. When you offer cheaper work, it is HARDER to satisfy people. I could deliver a piece here and be told it is the WORST thing they buyer has ever read, which has happened. I then cancel the order and go to one of my clients who is also in that niche. She takes it off my hand and LOVES it for 10x the price.

If there is a heavy move towards encouraging people to leave whatever they want, then maintaining level 2 needs to go down to 4-stars, not 4.5. Maybe level 1 to 3.5.

Buyers right now are not understanding how anything more than 3 or so is negative. It is over the 60% mark. Why should that be a negative mark? They are more happy than not.

At least with the thumbs up and thumbs down you were happy or not happy. With this system, it is determining your level of happiness.

Also, I loathe that silly box that buyers can write hidden comments in that get sent to trust & safety. Twice I have been contacted via ticket saying I need to interact with buyers more. I even got a damn ‘account warning’ on a 5-star rated gig because I told the customer “I threw in a couple of hundred words on top to say sorry for the delay” and I got an account warning for bribery when the buyer put something like “was delayed, but very good service as gave me some extra words!”.

So, we are not just being rated on the star level, but those stupid comments.


Well, this is something new. I had no idea that CS actually goes through them. Sometimes, when I am late and the client is patient I also send in a couple of extras. This is something bad.

EDIT: I got a warning because a REGULAR client was telling me a joke and I replied “F@C* it’s hillarious”. :slight_smile:


The key: Always remain professional.

After all, what you and your buyer may come off as a joke, Fiverr support can say otherwise.


There is actually a rule against it now. Giving extras is seen as manipulation of feedback. This is what I received as a message when I asked about my warning:

“Keep in mind that it is against Fiverr’s policies for Sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.”

To be fair, the client was always going to leave 5-star feedback anyway. He had ordered 30-40 times before. I didn’t even need to give him the benefit.

Now, if I send content which has more than 1000-words total, I do not tell the customer. They can then be pleasantly surprised.

They do NOT read them quickly. Took three weeks from the completion of that order for them to give me the account warning. I was completely confused.


It’s terrible. Well, after I get a 4-star review, I always ask the client what was the thing missing from my service that did make them leave 4 stars, as I would value their honest feedback so I can improve my services in the future. In most of the cases if there is a problem they would tell me. “I liked everything except the font, but didn’t feel like bothering you”. I always help them. And yes after that, they are always asking me if they can change the feedback to a 5-star one. I don’t consider this as review manipulation.

@thecreativeguys - I don’t know if I should contact support so they can remove the warning? He is a repeat buyer. I have worked on three big projects with him and we always exchange ideas. We discuss things about travel and occasionally use slang. But. this was my first time ever, my message to be flagged and to get a warning. Next time I won’t use any slang or bad words.


Where exactly was the warning?


In the past I would tell buyers, “If you’re not able to give me 5-stars, let me know and I’ll give you a refund.” Now I don’t do that.

  1. I don’t know if that’s legal according to TOS
  2. A bad rating isn’t the end of the world

Why? Because a bad rating can be balanced with good ratings. Say someone gives you 4 stars and writes “good experience.” How is this going to kill your sales? Your buyer had a good experience, so others will order.


It isn’t so much the comment that is left. It is the average sellers are expected to maintain.

Let’s say this happened.

You get 150 x five star reviews.
You get 151 x 4 star reviews.

This averages out to 4.49 stars.

You now lose your level 2 status and go into level 1. You lose benefits. You lose future sales. You are a TRS so it is even harder for you as you need to maintain a 4.7 star ranking, so just a couple of them could knock away your trs.

A single 4 star isn’t bad. A bulk load of them is. If people start to gravitate towards more four stars, then you lose your level.

Also, yes. Refunding to avoid feedback is against the tos.


If it’s common practice I’m sure Fiverr will evolve with the change.


This is my feeling on it. I probably wouldn’t sell here if I couldn’t get mostly 4.5-5 star ratings. Even with my relatively low number of ratings I only get an occasion 4-4.9 star. Even a 1 star wouldn’t damage me horrendously, though I’d rather not have one. :wink: I think most sellers can maintain above a 4.5 once they have even a hundred reviews. If it did turn into a major trend for buyers to leave 4 star ratings for some reason, I think Fiverr would adjust because no one would buy here if there were no level 2 and above.


Yes, this is absolutely true, many buyers have this perfectionist approach and believe they should never gig anyone 5 stars, even when smooth work as been done they give 4 stars, as they do not know the direct impact of this, though they better than those who do not review at all, this things could be disturbing for new sellers or sellers who have not really made it to the top


I think being late is what can hurt you the most, specially if your orders get cancelled due to lateness. Besides, it’s inevitable to get less than 5 stars, specially when you’re doing the volume you’re doing. This is why I encourage higher prices whenever you don’t want that volume.


As long as you’re a master or a pro, you have nothing to worry about.

However, if tomorrow I decided to create a logo gig and used logo generators to do it, I can guarantee you that very few people would give me 5 stars. Can a generator even handle revision requests? I don’t know. But why take a chance? I’d rather let the graphic designers be graphic designers, while I concentrate on what I do best.


I don’t see the issue. If your work is A1 then you get 5 stars time after time. If it falls below standards, then the 4 stars can creep in. This is business. You need to produce high quality work time and time again. If offer 2 revisions with my work so we can iron out any issues before reviews are left. I often send through the work before I ‘deliver’ it so I get feedback and submit something they love.


some buyers think that 4 star rating is a good rating and agree to give the 5 star when i ask them the reason to give less rating…They end up saying that 4 star rating is not a bad rating but they don’t know that how much it affect to the seller graphs…

But i don’t think thumbs up/down is a good idea because buyers might get to know about the seller through seller’s numbers of order completed and rating both…so sometimes it is fine if out of 10 buyers, 1 buyer shows his stingy side and give you one less rating.