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Export Problems


Hello. I proofread books in Adobe Pages. These are always .doc or .docx files. While I send the buyer the full file, the buyer claims that the file is only partial or that they can’t edit their track changes. The buyer tends to be really nasty about it; all I did was proofread it. I didn’t do anything to their book. Can you tell me if this is an export problem between Microsoft Word and Adobe Pages? I always export to Word. When I open it on my computer; the whole file is there. Why would it be different? This has happened twice so far (two different clients).


I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.


The last buyer could not edit their track changes because their document said it needed a password, but I don’t password-protect anything from a client. She said her book only showed two pages when I could see the full document on my computer. With the other client, his book only showed a partial. Instead of his 100-page book, he claimed there were only 38 pages within the document.


I don’t know what Adobe Pages is, but I would think that most writers would want their work in a .doc or .docx unless they use a specialty program like Scrivener. Why don’t you just do your proofreading and tracking of changes in Microsoft Word for .doc/.docx files instead of going through any import/export mess?

Importing and exporting is never an exact science, especially in something as complex as a book-length work. If you do intend to use an Adobe product, I would specify that in your gig and only work with documents that were written in that software. If there is no demand for that software, it may not be the ideal choice.


Adobe Pages is a word processing program on Mac. I can open .doc and .docx files in here and use track changes on them. I have Scrivener so I could see if I could import the .doc or .docx files into there. I have never worked with TC in Scrivener before. And, I don’t have Microsoft Word, but quite honestly–I am considering getting it now if it will resolve this issue. Refunds are only ideal for the buyer; the seller always loses out on those but I am left with no other option when the export has messed up their file.