Export sales to csv?


Anyone know if this is possible ? I would like to keep track of which gigs are sold and when delivered.


I wish but unfortunately, I have to manually add them in Microsoft Access.


and how long do I have to do that before the sold gigs don’t show, anyone know ?


I feel this is ridiculous that fiverr does NOT provide us with a way to export our data the way every other company on the internet does.

As much money as they are making (20% of ALL sales) it is certainly NOT a financial issue!

They have OUR data - GIVE IT TO US!

We certainly paid for it dearly!


Have to agree, common sense would say anyone trading at any decent level would want to export there sales and income to some sort of reporting software. I’m sure everyone on Fiverr is paying their taxes due ? :slight_smile:




I want to have this possibility!

We seriously need some order related data exporting functionality!


I use a Google Chrome plugin called Table Capture. It allows you to export tables from any website. From there, you can clean it up and add whatever additional information you want. It will also copy each specific URL from each order. Enjoy! Big time saver.