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Export to cvs, what should I do?

how do I disable it and what does it mean? I accidently clicked it

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In order to help you we need to know more details, what program, what situation, what adjustment, for what purpose?

I just clicked “export to cvs” in earnings tab, I just want to disable it since I accidentally clicked it

There is nothing to disable. It is not a “function” it is just an option to receive your data in CVS form and it will be delivered to you at your email address in 10 minutes.

Your CSV file is being created. This process may take up to 10 minutes.
An email with the file will be sent to blabla monkey bla bla . c o m .

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I think I get it, so will I just get like bla bla you completed a gig, is that just it?

You will get a full report data file regarding your activity as a seller on Fiverr (numbers, dates, prices, values etc.).

You can use the file to prepare Excel sheet or something to analyze your progress if you feel Fiver analytics is not providing you with proper data to enhance your business.

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thank you I heavily misunderstood what it meant haha thanks again

All you have to do is Google Fiverr export to CSV" and then you’ll know.