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Exports feature or an API to get order history?

I know this topic has already been raised multiple times here, but I’d still like to raise it again to state the importance it carries for me (and I hope many other freelancers around here too).

The thing is that the order history for us freelancers is presently available through a web-only interface. Whilst this is good enough for viewing recent order details, the process is very cumbersome for accounting or book-keeping. For each and every order placed on fiverr, I have to do a corresponding entry in my own book keeping software, whilst remembering to update that entry too when a project ends and a payment is due.

It would become so much easier and a whole lot automated if fiverr can provide an “export” feature or something, so we can just export the order history in CSV format or something and import them into a book-keeping software. You can save us a lot of trouble, fiverr! Is there any hope of such a feature coming any time soon?


I agree with you @prahladyeri

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From your revenue tab you can download all of your revenues in a .csv; this is a decent base for you work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give all the data though =/ A lot has to be added by hand.

As a buyer, I would appreciate an export feature too! I’ve got probably a hundred gigs and I have to download each separate invoice and re-enter in basic details into a spreadsheet. Many of my gigs are for clients so I’m having to invoice them and enter details into my account program. It seems an export of transactions would be a pretty standard feature for any online transactional system.

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