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Exposing a fake seller, scammer?

I noticed this seller ********** had an almost identical profile to this seller **********.
Also incredibly similar gigs.
I contacted ********** and questioned them, they insulted me and said I had mental health problems I pointed out that one of their gigs was also factually incorrect as they had put Greek goddess when it was a Roman goddess. They have since changed their profile and claiming to be called ********** and corrected their mistake on the gig.
********** didn’t seem that bothered so I presume it is the same person also I am wary of sellers with lots of feedback from the same person same gig, same day and it just says outstanding experience.
I do not think gigs offering thousands of likes etc on various sites should be allowed.
Support should be be more widely available as you can only contact them if you have a gig, I could not contact them to expose the person above.

While that’s all well and good, calling out users is against forum rules and we can’t do anything. If you suspect this kind of behaviour, the best thing to do is go to Customer Support and report them. If you’re correct, they’ll be kicked off Fiverr soon enough.

Customer support do not appear to be too interested.

Well, I guess there’s nothing to be done about it, then.

Hello simon241 :slight_smile: I am not 100% certain but I think you can contact the CS even if you are only a buyer here. If you already have, the potent delay isn’t based on their lack of interest to investigate your claim, most probably they are busy. If your complaint is real (I mean if indeed there is a seller with 2 different accounts) this is against the TOS and probably the accounts will be soon banned.

Warm regards

I see sellers with multiple accounts all the time. Customer support is interested.

I have now dealt with 2 fake sellers. I cannot even find where to report them in CS. Currently, I have a guy that sent me a ‘completed order’ with nothing attached, and when I requested a cancellation, he sent me a refusal with no reason. How do I get a refund?

Contact customer support just use this link. You will see “Submit a Request” on top. Best of luck!!