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Exposing scammers

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention sellers by name or user name, but I’ve got a LOT of names I could list here. Please let me know where I can make their accounts public to stop them from ripping off more people. Fiverr shouldn’t be a place for these people who prey on people in a bad place and need help. They are the lowest of the low, and I’d like to prevent more people getting tricked and having their hard-earned money go into the pockets of these con artists.


If you have problems with some sellers, you can report them to Customer Support.

And you’re right, mentioning sellers by names/usernames isn’t allowed on the forum, just like it isn’t allowed to mention buyers by name/username.


I have reported them to customer support, but then I find out they’re still in business, adding new gigs and earning money, so… :confused:

Unfortunately, reporting to CS is the only thing you’re allowed to do. You can’t mention them anywhere on the forum.


Can you tell me what did they do you and in which category they are…

Spiritual and healing. First of all, they all wanted more money than their gig stated. You can’t tell me that something listed as a $5 gig actually costs 200. They will try and extract the money by any means possible, even going so far as to say that they will send you an item for which you’ll have to pay shipping costs to a bogus company. Also, they will immediately block you once you have approved the delivery even though the initial agreement was to stay in touch with the client for further work.
Finally, they will harass and harass you. For several weeks now, I have been dealing with a seller who has been asking me for naked pictures of myself. I keep blocking and reporting him, but each day, he resurfaces under a new username. Apparently Fiverr can’t do anything to prevent this individual from finding and contacting me on the site…

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They can’t promise you anything that takes more than 30 days. It would be a ToS violation. And perhaps they didn’t enjoy working with you, and blocked you so you couldn’t order from them again. Generally speaking, sellers very much don’t want to block buyers who wish to buy from them, because they’d lose income that way. Perhaps you said something that made them feel working with you could create them problems in the future?

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Take a screenshot of those conversations and send it to CS. That alone should be able to get them banned.

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People such as those don t care much, if at all, about terms of service or its violations.
I haven’t said anything unpleasant to make them want to end communication with me.
I made this post so that I can raise awareness on sellers who are nothing but scammers. If, however, you believe my getting scammed to be my fault and/or a lie then I guess I have failed at my attempt.

I have done that on a number of occasions. My main issue currently is the user who keeps coming back just to send me abusing messages. He always inquires about my gigs, making me think that he is a genuine buyer, to engage me in conversation.

Wait a second. I thought you were a buyer complaining about unprofessional sellers. Or am I wrong?


I think she may have made a switch to complain about a buyer or rather someone who pretends to be one only to start abusing her.

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I’m both. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t think you’re lying. All I’m saying is, in some cases, perfectly honest and genuine buyers aren’t aware that they’re saying/doing something that makes the seller feel uncomfortable/unsafe/worried. I was just checking if that might be the case.

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I haven’t had any issues as a seller, but as a buyer… yikes :woman_facepalming:

Sorry, it does look like you had issues as a seller, too.


That’s right. One of the bad experiences I’ve had with this seller is that he poses as a buyer in order to engage in a conversation with me. It’s been over a day now that he’s not made yet another new account, so hopefully he’s getting bored of me!

I hope he does. What a creep!

What I don’t understand is why can’t he just find the pictures he is interested in online? Lol
I guess he wants to use the pics against me to extort money…and he is also humble as last time he messaged, he told me swimsuit pics would work and I didn’t even have to show my face! :joy:

I suppose it’s different for him when someone sends those pictures just for him… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: