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I haven’t had any sales in three years. Recently I reactivated some of my gigs to fund my blogs. Yet, I have had no looks or sells. How do I get more exposure and thus sales on my gigs?

Hi you are at level 2 and you have only one gig that is selling. In my opinion you should create more gigs for the services you offer and bid in the “Buyer’s Request” section regularly

currently I have 3 gigs for sale, and none of them are getting any orders let alone many views. How do I get the views, that I need? More views, should bring sales. I need 200-400 sales a month, to be able to go full time. Right now I have 0 in 3 years.

If your active gig don’t got order for past 3 years then i think you should delete that gig because it won’t show in “Highest Rating” or “Recommended” section anymore. Right now you should create new gigs even similar gigs that you will delete, bid in the “Buyer’s Request” section regularly and even share your gig on different social media groups, pages etc

2 of the gigs I had archived and re-sarted them recently. The other is a brand new gig that I just created.

How do I find the buyers request section? All I see is place a request.

Now that I’m finally getting views, I guess the next question is; do I have the gigs worded right? Is there something I can do to get them to actually get sales? Is there something I can do to promote them better, without spamming?

How about advertising on My Fiverr Gigs on this forum. Or go to Buyer Requests and bid so you can get yourself some work and some newer reviews. To get to Buyer Requests you go to the Selling tab under your username and you will find it under Manage Sales. When it comes to the gigs, keep changing little details. If you don’t have a video then get one. Check your tags and maybe tweak them a bit and see if that helps. As somebody else said, add variations of your gig too.I hope that this is helpful.