Exprerienced Fiverr Sellers: Offer 1 tip to the newbies


I see a lot of new people on this forum and that’s a sign of great growth. I have a LOT of tips to give to the new sellers, but to be fair to all the experienced sellers, let’s all give just one.

To the new sellers: Do you want to get more sales quickly? Please thank the sellers who offer tips that really intrigue you and motivate you.

I will start:

Always upload a video for every one of your gigs. There is never a reason for not offering one. Gigs with videos get extra exposure and have their own category called “Haz Video”.

Next tip, please?


I am a newbie, not experienced, but my tip is that if you can offer an express gig, definitely do it.

Next tip please?


In continuation to what @hotwebideas has said a video does wonders BUT if you are unable to record a video you can still put a slideshow together in windows movie maker live (a free program on windows pcs) to explain the gig your offering in better detail. It can either be written or a voice recording. If a video is completely out of the question and your going to use photos to showcase what you’ll be offering make sure the photos themselves are of high quality. Nothing makes a buyer scroll by you faster then seeing a lousey presentation. It makes everyone think you put no time and effort into it. There is my two cents :slight_smile:


Reply to @ceceliavo: That 2 cents can turn into 5 bucks LOL


Reply to @hotwebideas: :slight_smile: indeed.


How about this @HotWebIdeas

Understand the evolution of a Fiverr account.

Begin your gig and gig descriptions with the future in mind. Be willing to “work too hard” for the first 10 to 50 sales. Because 10 and 50 successful sales opens the doors to multiple gig orders, high dollar gig extras, etc.

If you work 1 hour for 10 to 50 gigs. That like 1 “week” of full time work on fiverr at what could well be $5 an hour.

But after that, you can expand the evolution of your gig offer and break down with the addition of gig extras.

And start making a wage of $25 to $45 an hour :slight_smile:

Now we’re talking.


Thanks for the tips everyone

To stay on the topic, my tip is:

Never think it’s JUST dollars 5. Do your best, if it is really your best and the buyer likes you, you’ll be rewarded with a tip.


WOW! This forum rocks! When I originally came to fiverr.com, I had in mind that it would be just temporary, a way for me to introduce my product/service of 13 years in the making to the world and put it under the rigorous test conditions of being used as a consultation device for people I have never met. This has forced me to develop a level of efficiency, as a reader that I had not before known to this degree. It has also helped me organize materials for my book, dealing with system dealing with my product. Well, now… I am not so sure that my participation is so temporary any more. The positive feedback has been great and the opportunity to hone my skills has been immeasurable. Go fiverr.com! Into the new year with its unwritten possibilities!


Don’t just give up easily :slight_smile:


Reply to @ceceliavo: Agreed a video is what makes your gig personable


Have you ever gone into a store, and felt like you were disturbing the clerk. You know this by their attitude. Like a short order cook getting mad when a customer places an order 10 minutes before closing. You have all experienced poor customer service.

Expecting the buyer to have the same level of knowledge as you about what you do is not productive. I have answered many questions from buyers about what I do and in doing so I set the stage so the buyer can make a decision.

I would never order from anyone that gives me the impression they are only performing at a level commensurate with “just” $5.00. My gig is about helping people, I let them know my priority is getting them the information they need, and the $5.00 is almost irrelevant.


My tip would be to read the Terms of Service carefully.


Reply to @princemaxx: “may be rewarded a tip” I know I’ve got a lot of praise some gigs I’ve completed but I don’t always get a tip.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Good tip. I will also add to this that once you go through the pain of performing the work for those 10 to 50 orders, the pain will go down and the rhythm will develop as it will surely get easier.

princemaxx said: you'll be rewarded with a tip.

Or more gig sales from the loyal buyers ;)



hotwebideas said: the pain will go down and the rhythm will develop as it will surely get easier.

Right, even the "over delivery" will be easier and NOW you can retrofit the gig so that "hard work" is your gig extra. Love your point here.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks. Yeah, it does get easier over-delivering to the point where you don’t even notice it anymore and it’s a win win situation for the both the buyer and seller.


Sorry to hear that. I also have had about 5 of my videos rejected by the Fiverr staff and they don't tell me why. Just read the guidelines and make sure your video complies, or yes, it will get rejected.

The guidelines are very strict, but I have seen videos not comply and get accepted. I never understood that part of it.


make sure you communicate well with one another.