Express 4 hour delivery?


A while back I read in an email from Fiverr that if you have a couple days off and wanted to set up super fast delivery, there was a way to have 4 hours as a delivery option. In the example it was $40 for a 4 hour delivery. I’ve searched this on the site but am having no luck. Does anyone have any tips for this. Im home all weekend and thought I’d give it a try. Thanks in advance. New to forums, 1 year, level 2 seller, 360 gigs performed!


You can either advertise it in your gig title, for example. .“I will send you a video in 4 hours” or you can set your 3 packages with various extras and delivery times.


Will there timer then bes setup for a 4 hour delivery? I thought of just adding it as an extra, but I didnt think it would effect the gig timer.


I believe the shortest time that you can set the order timer is one day. You can always promise to deliver sooner in your order details, but I don’t think the timer can be set any faster than 24 hours.


Gotcha. I appreciate the reply.