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EXPRESS delivery

Hello I am Seller
I offer express delivery ( 24 hrs delivery)
Is it better or not ?
What you think ?


The whole Q revolves around:

a) Can your job be done well in a very short amount of time? I know I can Mix & Master a song in a hour or so, but that does not mean that it is a particularly good job as if nothing else, I have no time to leave it overnight and listen again in the morning to see if my quick decisions were indeed good decisions. Sure I delivered fast, but I also know I didn’t do my job properly.
b) Does your preferred client care? I know that I get no joy from trying to work with people who expect their song back in a few hours so making a thing of being fast 9at the expense of quality) is not a great plan for me. That said I know there a lot of people who leave the mix until deadline and expect instant results.

It is about knowing who you want to serve.


Personally, I avoid dealing with anyone who requests a 24 hour service.

In my experience such people are usually disorganised, unprofessional and can’t communicate very well. I don’t need the stress they cause.

However, if you can realistically deliver a quality service in 24 hours - allowing for global time differences, then it is up to you.


I think you are right…

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your service and my service different

I do offer EXPRESS delivery, because I don’t have a huge amount of orders (not yet, hopefully), so as of now, I’ve had no problem in delivering my work at a good quality in less than 24H.
BUT, I’ve experienced one late delivery because I was waiting for my buyer’s reply which was necessary to complete and deliver the work. The buyer couldn’t reply to me in time, because of time difference and… yep, LATE DELIVERY. So, from that day on, when I notice there’s a big time gap between my location and the buyer’s, I indicate at least 2 days delivery time.

Anyway, it depends on a LOT of things. Try working with Express Delivery for a while and see if it works.

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