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Express express?

So we at the moment can offer a 24 Express Extra on our gigs, but what happens if your gig is already 1 day delivery?

Surely we should have a way to offer Express or Priority option on those gigs. Maybe We want to charge $50 for a 2 hour delivery.

Micha Kaufman and Liron Smadja would be smart CEO’s if they were to add another feature that could allow users to edit what the time is for the Express.

Ideas, comments, insults, usual stuff I willing to hear it.

A good concept, but I agree with @bachas. It might work if the buyer was in the same or similar timezone as you, but seeing as Fiverr is an international community, having such a short deadline could get frustrating and impossible. A 12-hour deadline, however, might work. It’s enough to spare some time for sleep. You could just make that order your priority. Right now, I have a 12-hour option for one of my gigs, but I’ve just made it a gig extra. It’d be cool to have like a “2x Fast Delivery” option for 12 hours.

Impossible if you work allone .

This is probably one of the only good ideas on here. Sometimes, my designer might quit last minute and I need a design faster than 24 hours.

Reply to @bachas85: Then don’t choose this option if you can’t deliver it. This would be for agencies that operate on 24 hours basis.

Reply to @skydesigner: Correct, then don’t choose to offer 2 hours delivery. Be intelligent.

Reply to @macdonjo3: True, but I can imagine some unscrupulous sellers offering that just to get it. It might create a lot of drama with customer service.

At your level, I think people should be paying you extra if they want it in 24-hours, but that’s just my opinion.