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Express Extra Not Delivered On Time

Hello there,

I’m just wondering what the protocol is for when an express extra is not delivered. I ordered a gig the other day and bought a 24-hour extra and it’s past that now. I don’t mind waiting but since it wasn’t delivered in the time I paid extra for, is there a way to get that part of it refunded?

~ W.D. Stevens


By all means, if you so desire, you should get it. You may contact the customer support for the same.

You have to contact CS. They will help you regarding this. Kindly update here as well their response then we can know about this.


Good plan. I’ll let you know how I get on.


We are waiting to hear from you.

Well, the verdict is that they can’t refund parts of orders and that the best way to resolve it is to arrange with the seller to re-order the gig at the lower level and cancel the previous one.

I’m not quite sure that’s particularly fair as I’ve already paid and then have to pay again to get a partial refund which won’t include the processing fee which I’ll have to pay a second time on the re-order.

I’m not sure if this would work but if you are planning to use the seller for another job, perhaps work out a credit.

Best of luck.

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When you cancel the order, you will get your funds returned as Fiverr credit. You can then use this credit to reorder without any processing fees. Ask the seller to initiate a mutual cancellation with the reason that “The buyer will reorder”.

Alternatively, as @thecreativeguys said, you could ask for something additional for the extra fast cost.

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