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Express Gig delivery time..bug?

Express Gig delivery time…bug? I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but it’s quite troublesome. Within the last few months I had started up a few 1-day delivery gigs. After quite a few orders, I noticed that my time-clock seemed to go from near full-day down to about 3 hours left on the clock. So, for example. If someone made a modification request the clock would pick up at 3 hours despite having over 17+ hours left to deliver the order still at the time I had delivered the order. Anyone else experience this? It’s happened on multiple orders. Seems to vary in times the quicker I deliver. 3 hours simply is NOT enough time to get back to someone, especially if I am sleeping.

Reply to @kjblynx: That’s a bit nonsensical but I suspected as much. Thanks for the reference. I’m not sure where the one person thinks it’s based on time elapsed. This literally changed minutes after submitting numerous orders where it goes from like 18 hours to 3. I’ll probably have to stop all my 1-day delivery gigs if any issues ever come up, sadly. Anyways I guess if anyone stops by here they can close this thread. Didn’t realize one of a similar nature was already opened a while back.

Reply to @kjblynx: Eh well, I got my answer from you so I probably won’t pay attention to it anymore haha, but I guess it differs enough to probably not warrant closing the thread and maybe potentially helping others.