Express gig issue


Someone purchased 1 gig x 3 for $15. I normally take five days to write and research. I offer a two day express gig for $5 extra.

Why did fiverr allow 3 gigs to be expressed for the cost of $5? This person is now expecting 6 articles in two days for an extra $5, instead of an extra $15. It should be $10 per pair of articles, or $30, vs the $20 charged the buyer.

I don’t find this to be a fair trade, now what?


Fiverr didn’t do that. It’s how you wrote up your gig extra. “I will deliver this order in just 2 days”. It’s not clear at all that you meant only 1 order would be done in 2 days. Even in the text of your gig description, it just says no promises for quick delivery “unless you purchase” the express gig. To the buyer’s thinking, he bought 6 articles, or 3 gigs, as one order, and he bought the express extra to get it faster.


What I would do: Update your gig description so that it reflects what you hoped would happen (state that buyers must purchase an express gig for every article, not just for the whole order–or, alternatively, make your express extra more expensive, but that wouldn’t solve your current problem).

I would then send a slightly passive aggressive message to the tune of, "Thanks for your order! Let me know which one of these articles you want the one express extra applied to and I’ll get on it!"

And then when they reply, you can explain that each article needs its own express extra. If he doesn’t want to pay for them…well…you’ve got two options and neither of them are super. You can either do the whole order express at a $10 discount or you can stand your ground and cancel the order. In my limited experience, if I stay upbeat and friendly, most people are willing to correct the mistake and pay a little extra.